Neighborhood Crime Reports – High Risk for Criminals

There seems to be an increase in crime all over the world. However I’m sure you will agree, that what is important is the crime that is happening in your neighborhood.

Neighborhood crime reports are what you’re most concerned about.

In my opinion, the way to reduce crime is not by reporting crime. It is by increasing the risk of getting caught committing a crime.

Criminals are getting CAUGHT IN THE ACT


Lights… Cameras…


Below I have listed a few tools and devices and equipment that you can use and install around your property to make your area higher risk for criminals.

REOLINK 4K Security Camera System, RLK16-800D8, 8pcs H.265 4K PoE Security Cameras Wired with Person Vehicle Detection, 8MP/4K 16CH NVR with 3TB HDD for 24-7 Recording –


Blink Mini – Compact indoor plug-in smart security camera, 1080p HD video, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, easy set up, Works with Alexa – 1 camera (White)



S600 3G/4G LTE Outdoor Solar Powered Cellular Security Camera Wireless,Pan Tilt 360°View Spotlight,1080p Night Vision,2 Way Talk,PIR Motion Sensor,No WiFi,Soliom



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Traceable and Programable Digital Currency

Legal government surveillance of all US citizens

Total control over your bank accounts and purchases…

And the ability to silence all dissenting voices for good.

In this new war on freedom, they aren’t coming for your guns.

No, they’re thinking much bigger than that…

They’re coming for your money.

And it’s already started.

When places like Fox, CNBC or Bloomberg want to know what’s about to shakeup the global economy, they know who to call.

Jim on multiple news networks

The disturbing predictions you’re about to see are based on independent research and contacts in the intelligence community.

The US dollar will be made obsolete.

Soon, your cash will simply be worthless paper.

The cash currency we have now will be replaced with a new, programmable digital tokens.

But the truth is, few outside the deep state recognize Biden’s move for what it really is.

If predictions are correct, this so much more sinister than simply replacing the cash dollar with a new digitized version…

Friend, this new currency will allow for total control of all American citizens.

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