Marketers VS Website Designers

I joined Wealthy Affiliate to become a “Wealthy Affiliate” and live a lifestyle of freedom fun and fulfillment.

How much time do you spend on marketing, and how much time do you spend working on your website?

It would seem to me, that anything and everything that you need would be contained within this platform. However, I’ve noticed a lot of conversation about going outside of the Wealthy Affiliate platform to find different hosting services, and other tools.

I think you might agree, that finding products and services with Affiliate programs is not the challenge. There are a plethora of products and services online that have affiliate programs.

The challenge is finding prospective customers that are in alignment with those products and services that will buy them and become customers.

The formula is simple.

Product + Prospect = $ALE

So why then, do so many Affiliates struggle to make money? Is it because they are distracted doing tasks like working on the website?

Perhaps our solution as a community is to focus on collaborating to fill a central hub database of shoppers. (Does this already exist here in Wealthy Affiliate?) Saturation is not an issue. There are millions and millions of consumers on the planet. The issue is categorized lead lists. Categorized by niche. We already know a plethora of niches. Heck, list brokers have used the SIC (Standard Industry Code) system for years.

If we have access to a list of categorized prospective buyers, do we need to continually tweek our websites? Or could we simply allow the shoppers into the Wealthy Affiliate Department Store to shop and purchase.

Some of you might be thinking, it would not be fair, because the marketers that got in first would get all the business. The solution for this, is put in URL rotators to distribute the traffic equally and fairly.

They used to say Content is King.

However, the Internet and the platforms have changed. Your content is curated, suppressed and overshadowed by the bigger fish in the pond. Keywords have become scrambled, coded or ignored. Domains have become blocked, suppressed or misdirected. Cancel Culture and control have become acceptable. Statistics are full of manipulative false metrics.

Product + Prospect = $ALE

Can it be this simple?

Minnesota Economic Collapse

The Covid thing really caused a lot of problems globally. More specifically, financial problems. Yes of course there were health and wellness situations and there were relationships that were torn apart with differing opinions.

One of the main problems that was caused by the Covid situation, is the financial crisis around the globe. Businesses were closed so employees could not be paid. If employees have no money, they can’t pay their rent or mortgage for their home, they cut back on buying products and services, and the economy is stressed.

One of the reasons I enjoy being self-employed, is I did not have to worry about losing my job. Granted, my event business came to a screeching halt, but my Affiliate relationships continued to pay me.

The businesses that purchased much of their software via me, (through my affiliate links) are still using the software to operate their business, which means every recurring month, I earn a recurring commission, that puts money in my bank account.

There is a link to some of the software and tools that I used to operate my business, and I also promote these products and services to other business owners.

Business Software – CLICK HERE


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