These Passive Income Ideas will shift your mindset to Wealthy and Wise

Some will claim that passive income does not exist.

This is because they have a different definition of what passive actually means.

Passive Income Ideas will set you free!

Passive income comes from activity that you have done previously, and you do not need to actively sell something to create the income in real time. It happens after the fact.

This blog post is an example. I am doing this blog post at 6:27am CST on a Monday morning. I do not expect to make an actual sale at 6:28am CST.

The money generated from this post, might happen tomorrow, in a week, in a month, maybe even a year or two. That will be passive income.

This book by author, Robert Kiyosaki will help you shift your mindset from the employee “wage slave” to a wealthy investor of your energy, time and money.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSER: I need to let you know, that there are affiliate links on this website, that will compensate me with a commission, if you decide to Uber just one of these products or services. Thank you for your support. This is how I make money on the Internet.

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Minnesota Economic Collapse

The Covid thing really caused a lot of problems globally. More specifically, financial problems. Yes of course there were health and wellness situations and there were relationships that were torn apart with differing opinions.

One of the main problems that was caused by the Covid situation, is the financial crisis around the globe. Businesses were closed so employees could not be paid. If employees have no money, they can’t pay their rent or mortgage for their home, they cut back on buying products and services, and the economy is stressed.

One of the reasons I enjoy being self-employed, is I did not have to worry about losing my job. Granted, my event business came to a screeching halt, but my Affiliate relationships continued to pay me.

The businesses that purchased much of their software via me, (through my affiliate links) are still using the software to operate their business, which means every recurring month, I earn a recurring commission, that puts money in my bank account.

There is a link to some of the software and tools that I used to operate my business, and I also promote these products and services to other business owners.

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