Where is the Super Bowl 2020 location going to be?

 What is the Super Bowl? And where will the Super Bowl 2020 location be?

The Super Bowl is an annual championship game  from football (not soccer) played between the champions of the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

Recently, the Super Bowl was held in my hometown of Minneapolis Minnesota. And I do have to say, that it was not as impressive as I thought it was going to be. I quite honestly thought there was going to be a chaotic surge of people in the Twin Cities.

Rumor has it, the 2020 Super Bowl will be in Miami Florida and the 2021 Super Bowl will be in Los Angeles California.

Aside from all the Super Bowl hype, what point is it? And why do these guys make so much money?  Football fans literally pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into this game.

 In full transparency, I am not a football fan.

I am however amazed and impressed and perplexed by the frenzy of these fans, and their loyalty to the game, and their team.

As an entrepreneur and marketer I am curious to learn what it is that attracts these fans. I would love to have a following of this magnitude in my Wealthy Affiliate tribe.

What is it about football, and competition that draws these people out to some below temperatures, and move them to spend thousands of dollars on this game of activity and entertainment.

 Is it belonging to a family?

Comment below, and let me know what interests you about football and these teams and players.

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The yang2020 Freedom Dividend: Does it make sense?

The yang2020 Freedom Dividend might make sense to some people.

It makes sense to me

I have been self-employed most all my life, and one of the main reasons I am self-employed, is I am not comfortable restricting myself to an hourly wage.

Granted, it’s a steady paycheck

Working a job, does provide a steady paycheck, that a person can rely on. However, it is limited in the number of hours you can work, and the dollar amount and employer is willing to pay.

This creates a problem

The main problem with hourly compensation, has made it self-evident all throughout the United States with people living from paycheck to paycheck. This financial struggle is inevitable only because the cost of living and prices of goods continues to rise. Prices have always gone up, and always will. That is natural inflation.

The “freedom dividend” proposed by Andrew Yang will provide United States citizens with a base income to help with their inevitable cost of living such as food and shelter.

It is a right, not hand out

The reason I believe the freedom dividend is a right to all United States citizens, is we are naturally consumers of products and services. Also, we the people, our owners of our country. The businesses that are headquartered here in the United States, are on our property. Therefore, the business that they conduct from our country, we have the right to a percentage of this revenue.

We the people

As a citizen of the United States, you may agree, or disagree with this proposal. Write your post below and let me know your thoughts.


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The Yang Gang — Really?

This Andrew Yang guy is making more and more sense to me, and the #YangGang is tempting.

Do you know about the Yang Gang?

The “yang gang”, is the name of the followers of Andrew Yang. Andrew Yang is running for President of the United States.

Normally, I don’t get into “politics” at all. I feel that politics, means “polarity”, and just creates discord in the far left versus the far right.

However Andrew Yang tends to stay in the middle of the aisle. He says he is not left, is not right, he is forward.

Forward thinking is refreshing

I also agree with many of his policies. His foundation policy is UBI (Universal Basic Income) that he is calling the #FreedomDividend which makes more sense, once you understand his method of distribution.

This Freedom Dividend, is not a government handout like many that oppose it would like you to think. When in fact, it is basically giving back to something that is rightfully ours. As citizens of these United States, we are rightfully owners of the economy that is happening in this country of ours. We the people.

We the people are stockholders of the economy of the United States of America.

This thousand dollars a month, freedom dividend will move money from the national capitalists back into the local communities of we the people.

Search him on YouTube

Another policy Andrew Yang has is regarding shopping malls. As you may well have seen, shopping malls are struggling with kfeeping businesses in their malls.

This is happening for multiple reasons. One of which is Amazon. However, some other reasons are the expenses involved with running a business these days. Even the marketing is a challenge getting people to go to the malls.

So Andrew Yang is looking for creative ideas for malls to generate more traffic, so the merchants can actually start generating income and prevent them from going out of business. I had an idea for malls to become “event centers”, and be a place to host community events like concerts, festivals, fundraisers, and other community activities.

Some people on the leftist side advocate raising the minimum wage. However, this only affects people with jobs. As a self-employed person raising the minimum wage does not affect me and my self-employed colleagues. Therefore, it is not fair.

Universal Basic Income, or the “freedom dividend“ as Andrew Yang calls it, will benefit every legal United States citizen that is 18 years of age and older.

People in jail or prison do not get their $1000 per month.

People that are not legally documented citizens of the United States, do not get their $1000 per month.

This $1000 per month would incentive people to go through legal processes in our country.

To summarize

The Freedom Dividend is like getting a monthly recurring affiliate commission from every business in the United States.

As you can see, I am an advocate of affiliate marketing.


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What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners

Certainly, you are wondering, what is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners and that is why YOU ARE HERE.

I admit, I am biased.

In full disclosure, I am an active member in the Wealthy Affiliate program and I am happy to say so here.

I have been searching for ways to earn money online since the inception of the Internet. I have been through many of the programs. Everything from David Wood and Empower Network, to Matt Lloyd and MOBE. (I learned a lot, but did not make any money)

The majority of the programs out online, in my opinion, are essentially designed to separate you from your money. That’s it. They often camouflage this agenda with a training and coaching program. Many of them are full of hype about making massive money. They are very much focused on the money, with the education portrayed as a way to get to the money.

Unfortunately, most of the training is created around “revealing the secret” formula, or that magic push button technique that will fill your bank account with thousands or perhaps millions of dollars. There is no formula or magic push button. Just so you know!

Money! Money! Money!

Of course, if you are looking to make money online, it is about the money. However, it is more so about the product or service you are offering these prospective customers.

How do you get qualified traffic?

There are many ways to find prospective customers on the Internet. And it is not easy. The wealthy affiliate educational program, in my opinion, is the real deal. They do not hype up or exaggerate the ease of making millions. They are genuine and authentic in showing you how to get traffic. It takes time, and knowledge, and a collaborative of people to help each other.

Let’s connect!

If you are seriously interested in learning how to earn a living with online methods, let’s connect and explore some opportunities for you. You can also just join the Wealthy Affiliate program and check it out for yourself.


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Affiliate Marketing PROs and CONs according to MagicBrad

What are the affiliate marketing PROs and CONs for earning an online income?

Just like anything, in business, and in life, there are the good, the bad and the ugly. Somethings are good, somethings are bad. The idea is to make sure the good things outweigh the bad things. Below I have weighed out some good features and benefits of affiliate marketing and some bad elements of affiliate marketing. Quite honestly I believe the good outweighs the bad significantly.

PROs (The Good)

  • Passive income (love it)
  • No shipping (thank God)
  • No product creation (I like that)
  • Unlimited topic categories (plentiful)
  • Make Sales why are you sleep (Zzzz)
  • Unlimited income potential ($$$)
  • Scalable (growth is good)
  • Plenty of training available (knowledge is King)

CONs (The Bad)

  • It takes time (everything does)
  • It takes patience (like farming)
  • It takes knowledge (education lasts)
  • Some people look at it as a scam (It’s not. Amazon offers it, BestBuy offers it, Ebay offers it. It’s legit)
  • Needs constant attention (so does life)
  • Requires persistence (so does breathing)
  • Some products require authorization (keeps out the riff-raff)

Aside from some bad things about affiliate marketing, which are very few and not that serious, I believe that affiliate marketing is one of the more favorable ways of earning online income. Especially once you get momentum, it is a matter of maintenance and also if you enjoy what you are doing, it is a breeze and easy to do, in fact you start to really enjoy creating copy and seeing the commissions come in at unexpected times of the day.

Let’s connect!

If you would like to talk more about the possibility of you earning an income with affiliate marketing, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, if you would like to learn more you can join the Wealthy Affiliate Membership program on one of the links.

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I Googled THIS: – joe biden net worth – and look what I found!

Have you ever googled Joe Biden net worth before?

If you do, you will find everything from articles on Forbes, FOXBusiness, New York Times, Wall Street, cheat sheet and even AOL.

The former vice president calls himself the “Middle-Class Joe“ but he is worth significantly more, I think. He had that name, when he had about 42,000 a year in 1973 and that went up to 160 9000 in 2008.

When Biden left the Senate in 2009 to serve as vice president for Barack Obama he made an estimated $230,000 a year.

In his eight years as vice president, Forbes estimated that Joe Biden and his wife Joe Biden made more than 3 million during that time.

Now that Joe Biden is running for president in 2020, his celebrity net worth estimate is worth 4 million.

Politics is not for me.

I have noticed that politicians age very rapidly. Would you want to be a politician for a living?

I will stick with a modest income as an affiliate marketer. Joe Biden Net Worth

Becoming a millionaire, is a dream for a lot of people. However, I have a saying that goes like this. “The higher you go, the farther you can fall.”

I’m not saying a person should not strive to earn more money, and have a better lifestyle. My belief is that a modest income that is regular and recurring is less stressful, less risky and more fulfilling.

Earn passive income

You can earn a passive income, by creating your own website, about a specific topic that you have an interest in. What you then do is create content that is relevant to your interest, and then find products and services that have affiliate programs, so you can’t earn commissions when people make purchases of these products.

You don’t need to own products

As an affiliate marketer, you do not need your own products or services. What you are doing, is promoting other peoples products and services, and they are the ones that need to for fill the orders. When a sale is made they agree to pay you a commission on that product.

You don’t need to ship anything

Another wonderful feature of affiliate marketing, is you do not need to fulfill the product. That means you do not need to package up products and mail them like you might with eBay. You simply promote the product or service, and the creator then fulfills the product and does all the billing. You didn’t earn commissions from that product.

Earn passive income

Another fantastic thing about affiliate marketing, is it is passive income. In other words, you do not need to be present when a purchase is made. This is because the purchase is done online, when a person visits your website and they decide to purchase the product, then the sale is made. You could very possibly be on vacation, or enjoying time with your friends and family, and a sale could be made passively.

Let’s connect!

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, please feel free to contact me, or go ahead and click the Wealthy Affiliate Membership and try it out for yourself.


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Will the WeWork IPO go through?

WeWork is a weird company. The WeWork IPO has been delayed.

WeWork CEO Adam Newman is stepping down. Do you know what we work is? WeWork is the United States company that offers work spaces for technology and start up communities. There are services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, small businesses and also larger enterprises.

The job market has changed.

Companies are struggling to pay employees, because they have expenses way beyond their profitability. Companies cannot afford to pay rent, pay insurance, pay Healthcare, and pay Workmen’s Compensation, and also pay employees.

There is a self-employment movement

The reason a lot of people are having a challenge finding a job, is because jobs are becoming obsolete. I am not saying people will not work, what I am suggesting, is people will start working on their own, and providing their own value, and selling their services.

What can you do?

A lot of people are unaware of how to make money on their own. They feel all they can do is have a job, do what they are told, and get paid. However, they are not getting paid their full value as an individual.

You are worth a lot.

People need to understand that each individual has value. Each individual can contribute to the society as a whole, simply by being active and productive and providing service to others. This person deserves to be compensated in some way. This can be done through a dollar per our paycheck, which is limited. Or an individual can take control and build their own value and promote their own products and services, or become a marketer, and promote other peoples products and services and receive commissions.

This is Affiliate Marketing.

Imagine if you took on a part-time job, and spent more of your free time, doing what you are passionate about, creating content on your own website that you bought and paid for, and you actually on it.

You are in control

You can pick a niche product or service, and focus on promoting those goods and services, and when people make purchases from your website with your affiliate link that is tracking back to you, you earn a commission. One of the wonderful things about this model is it is in operation 24 hours a day seven days a week.

If you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, and earning an income from the Internet, please feel free to contact me. Or you can learn more by checking out the Wealthy Affiliate Membership.


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