STEP #1: Set up Facebook Business Page

STEP #1 – Set up Facebook Business Page

In this video I interview Janet Johnson. Janet is a local Twin Cities Facebook and Instagram expert. She helps businesses understand the complexities of Facebook advertising and also operates in agency where she manages Facebook and Instagram accounts for businesses.


The Agency

If your business is not seeing the results from your social media efforts that you expect you may want to have a conversation with Janet. Most people have a difficult time keeping up with the constant changes happening in the social media world. Janet has a laser focus on Facebook, so she is on a daily pursuit of educating herself about the latest Facebook algorithms.

Her agency focuses on for key specialties in social media. Facebook and Instagram advertising, Facebook and Instagram for and partial service management, Facebook full service management, and social media strategy optimization branding.

The Courses

Janette also teaches courses to inform other people about how to use and leverage Facebook ads. If you are interested in promoting her courses and earn a commission from them, you can become an affiliate marketer for her business.

The wonderful thing about being an affiliate, is you do not need to create the course, teach the course, or fulfill any products or services. You simply promote her courses and you can earn commissions when they sell.

Become a Super Affiliate

If you have an interest in earning money by being an affiliate marketer, you can join the Wealthy Affiliate Membership, (free) and learn from other expert affiliate marketers around the world.

As always, if you would like to contact me and have a conversation about earning money online and leveraging the Internet, please connect.

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Build Business with a LinkedIn Business Account

In this video interview, I talk with Mike O’Neil of Integrated Alliances. Aka; the “LinkedIn RockStar” about LinkedIn Navigator. The first move is to open a LinkedIn Business Account. Mike can help you with your LinkedIn business account setup because he has set up many linkedin business accounts before. When you have an open linkedin business account you will then have a platform to build upon.

Mike Oneil believes that LinkedIn is the number one best business platform for social media. It’s a place for executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and revenue producers. Do use the LinkedIn profile to build their brand and their name, and find a place to engage with top prospects to find and grow business.

Mike offers coaching programs that help you with your LinkedIn profile, engagement, company page, searching, messages, management and routine for building your campaigns and using the tools.

There are many ways to earn money on the Internet, or teaching about the Internet. Affiliate marketing is only one method. However, in my opinion, I prefer affiliate marketing, because you do not need to create your own products, in fact you do not even need to fulfill your own products. All you need to do as an Affiliate Marketer, is promote the products and services, like I did in this blog post.

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, you can feel free to contact me, or join the Wealthy Affiliate Membership and try it for free. If you like it, you can invest less than $500 and learn from the experts.

Let’s Connect and Collaborate!

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Cost of Living in Minnesota, Results Based Compensation, Andrew Yang

Trading Your Time and Expertise for Dollars

The cost of living, is something that we all have to deal with. Housing has become unaffordable, or barely affordable. The dollar per our compensation model is antiquated, in that automation moves much faster than humans are capable of.

Working for a dollar per hour rate, you are limited to how many hours you can work. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, and you need to take time to rest. Also, your employer is limited to how much they are able to compensate you for your time. They need to make the business work. So you need to trade your time four dollars, where both are limited.

What is the solution?

Andrew Yang is a person that is running for president, and he has a concept called universal based income (Freedom Dividend), where every law-abiding, legal United States citizen will get $1000 per month.

Immediately, most people are concerned as to where is that money going to come from. Some of these people are narrow-minded thinkers and are stuck in the trading time for dollars mindset. The money is going to come from all the business, commerce and economy that flows through the United States. Some money from Amazon, Best Buy, target, Uber, all the other businesses large and small will pay a very small piece. This will all go into a pool, that will be distributed equally to each individual United States citizen 18 years of age and older that is legal, and law biting. If a person is in jail or prison, they do not get their money.

Millions and billions and trillions of dollars flow through the United States economy, each and every day.

As an affiliate marketer, and self-employed myself, I look at this as being compensated a small affiliate commission for doing my part as a consumer and keeping the economy flowing. Each individual will have $1000 for them to spend where they want when they want. I believe the majority of this will be spent in their local community. Therefore, this distributes national currency out to individual communities.

So, it is a little like Affiliate Marketing.

If you would like to discuss this further, or talk about self-employment, or ways that you can earn an income on the side from your dollar per hour job, let’s connect!


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How to Make Money by Blogging about Your Interests

Usually people that are tired of slaving away at an hourly paying job are the people that are googling how to make money by blogging about some specific passion or hobby.

Are you limiting your income with hourly pay?

In my opinion, the biggest problem with working an hourly paying job, is you can only work up to 24 hours in a day. That is the max limit. Of course, you are not going to work a full work week and work 24 hours each day. That is ridiculous. So then, how many hours are you going to work a day?

How much per hour will your boss pay you?

Another concern I have with compensation by hourly pay, is your boss is only willing to give you as little as they possibly can. After all, the company needs to make a profit.

How can you break through the limits?

Blogging about a topic that you are passionate about, is a potential way for you to earn an income that is not limited by hourly rates.

The way to make money, is by being an “affiliate marketer”, and using your blog to communicate your message and attract people to your blog that would be interested in purchasing the products and services that you are representing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products and services, and then earning a percentage commission when someone makes a purchase. One of the wonderful things about affiliate marketing, is the passive income you can earn from having a blog website operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Would you like to know more about Affiliate Marketing?

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or you can click on the Wealthy Affiliate Network banner, or link to learn more.

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Can you make money charging scooters …

People are always looking for ways to make a buck. Can you make money charging scooters in your city? What does the dollar per hour amount come out to if it was your full-time job?

If you were to add up the hours that it takes to drive around, and find all the scooters, then drive back to a place to charge them, plug them all in for charging, let them charge, unplug them all and load them back up for distribution, you are probably not getting paid very much per hour.

Imagine, if you spent that same amount of time building a website blog, and posting content about something you are passionate about like football, video games, cough beers, yoga, travel or whatever excites you and inspires you.

That same time spent, will remain online, working for you 24 hours a day seven days a week, while you are doing other things. You can earn money with affiliate marketing and this will surprise you.

The Affiliate Marketer Model is Better.


If you would like to learn more about I feel like marketing, feel free to contact me, or check out the Wealthy Affiliate University.


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The Libra Horoscope for today is Wealthy and Prosperous

The Libra Horoscope for today is Wealthy and Prosperous

SEP 22, 2019 There is a buzz around you today and it is rising to a feverish pitch. Suddenly people you didn’t even think you knew are giving you a lot of attention, and you love it.

You have a very unique energy field and it is drawing people toward you in today at  magnetic attraction will pull in some people with real super power.

 What should you do?

You should greet everyone with a smile and be outgoing flamboyant and more so than usual. You could really make the most in popularity today if you just commit to your fabulousness.

The Andrew Yang Freedom Dividend

The Andrew Yang Freedom Dividend is like a recurring Affiliate Commission for the Citizens of the United States.

 I am not big in the political scene, nor am I an advocate of handouts.

However, this freedom dividend concept that Andrew Yang is proposing is a very interesting perspective indeed.  Some people believe it is a government handout and will enable deadbeat citizens to sit around and do nothing.  From another point of view, it would stimulate activity, because people would not feel so stressed about making ends meet.

One of the most interesting effect this will have on our national economy, is that it will stimulate the economy by moving currency from the capitalist businesses, moving it back into the local communities.  This distribution is equal to every United States citizen over age 18. This excludes people that are in prison, it also excludes people that are not legal citizens of the United States of America.

So far, I think this is a good idea, and will help the United States economy.  Currently, there are too many tax to Paul’s that businesses can take advantage of that does not help the national economy or the citizens of the community. These citizens are also consumers, and they are the people that are moving the national currency.

I somewhat see this monthly freedom dividend of $1000 as a affiliate commission earned by United States consumers for spending money on capitalist business products and services.

What are your thoughts?

Agree? Disagree?

Comment below please.