@MagicBrad Q&A: Are REITs good investments for beginner investors?

If you are a beginner investor, with an interest in real estate you may be asking, are reits good investments for me?

In my opinion, yes!

Real estate has been around for a very long time. Essentially, real estate has been around since we walked out of the cave. When it started raining, we walked back in the cave.

According to the Maslow hierarchy of needs, security is high on the list of our needs. Real estate, is a roof over our heads that provide security and protection from the elements.

I am not in investment expert or financial advisor. However I do know that real estate investment trust, or a good investment, at least for me. The real estate investment trust I am involved with our commercial, residential, shopping malls, retail stores, office complexes, hotels, vacation homes, senior Housing, retirement homes, and even storage lockers.

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Making Money with a Whiskey Club membership affiliate program!

You may already know, that there are many ways to make money on the Internet. Have you ever considered Marketing to an audience of addicts?

You could earn commission from promoting a whiskey club membership that will pay you monthly recurring commissions for the members that you sign up to the program.

These programs are available not only for whiskey lovers, but also for tequila lovers, beer lovers, vodka lovers and wine lovers.

Once you get them to join the club, they renew their membership month after month, and you earn recurring monthly income over and over again.

I have also thought about doing this for coffee lovers, but I think alcohol is much more addictive than coffee.

Is this moral and ethical? Well, that is up to you. I believe it is all a personal preference of whether you endorse promoting alcoholic beverages or caffeinated beverages.

some marketers believe, that someone is going to profit from these habits and addictions, so it might as well be me.

How can you learn more?

Go to the good old Google search engine, and look for Affiliate Programs whiskey lovers club.

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In this post, I will define Defamation of Character and why it should be leveraged.

Let’s try to define Defamation of Character and then look at some reasons why it should be executed and prosecuted.

Defamation is the oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation and usually constitutes a tort or crime. In several countries, including South Korea, a true statement can also be considered defamation.

The inception of social media, has created a platform for people to express their opinions. However sometimes the information that they post can hurt the reputation of others. Many of the things people post online, even though the content may be based on opinion rather than fact, can be very hurtful to people in general. Regardless if you are a celebrity, or just someone that is trying to make a buck on the Internet, reputation matters.

I am in no way a Internet celebrity of the year, but I do have myself out online. And once in a while, someone has something negative to say about some thing I have posted.

For some of the people online that have massive exposure and following on the Internet, their reputation is all they really have. Therefore, would it not make sense to have and retain an attorney that can put an end to any of the negative comments or posts online?

In fact, and Internet Marketer, or a Content creator could possibly make a good full-time income by suing people on the Internet that are Posting defamatory comments.

Might be another income stream.