Winning the Minnesota State Lottery will make you Happy for a little while

If you think winning the Minnesota State Lottery it’s going to make you happy, I think you have an awakening coming your way. When the money is gone, the happiness is gone.

When people have an abundance of anything, they tend to use it, consume it or spend it very rapidly.

Money is a consumable. When you spend it, it is gone. Unless you invest the money into something that is going to make more money you will spend the money and it will be gone.

Investing in a system or a machine that generates more income, is a better bet than winning the lottery. At least when you are creating your own revenue stream, you are in control.

Also, how much money do you actually need to become financially free? Do you be OK with $5000 per month or perhaps $10,000 per month?

Creating a $10,000 per month cash flow is more likely than winning the Minnesota state lottery will ever be.

I have created the Synergy Collaborative so I can help other businesses self-employed entrepreneurs earn money from the dynamic and always changing flow of the Internet.

My intention is to organize a group of collaborators, to help post, share and propagate each our collective content on the Internet raising the ranks of all participants.

I have implemented an income generating element to the Synergy Collaborative called the Synergy Affiliate Program, and it will become evident when you click the link below.


What is a Joint Venture in business and why do them with MagicBrad?

It has been asked, what is a joint venture in business and why would anyone want to JV with MagicBrad?

For me, joint venturing is nothing formal or a long-term commitment in any regard. For me joint venturing is essentially collaborating with each other to reach a common goal or objective.

As long as all individuals involved are in agreement with the target goal and objective, it is simply about sharing the fruits of our labor.

There is no need to make things difficult, because all parties involved are probably already doing the things that are necessary to be done.

By this, what I mean is Internet activity.

A good example, is the videos that I do on The Magic Brad Show and then post and propagate on the Internet. YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, blogger and the list goes on.

The Synergy Collaborative, is the best example I can give regarding joint venturing on projects.

“A rising tide, lifts all boats.”

7 of the Best Employee Recognition Award Ideas for Minnesota Meeting and Events Planners

Here are 7 of the best employee recognition award ideas for the survey Meeting and Event Planner in the Twin Cities of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul greater metro area.

  1. Attend the Minnesota Event Expo in March.
  2. Use the MailBoxPower software for employee recognition.
  3. Become a Synergy Collaborative member.
  4. Sign up for Synergy First Thursdays updates.
  5. Follow Magic Brad on social media.
  6. Be a Guest on The MagicBrad Show.
  7. Binge watch the videos on the MagicBrad YouTube channel.

So there you go!

If you have any questions about any of these programs or are looking for ideas and suggestions please feel free to contact me and we can do some brainstorming.


What is the Future of Artificial Intelligence with Brian Busch and MagicBrad

So then, what is the future of Artificial Intelligence and will it make life easier, or more challenging?

In this video, I had a conversation with Brian Busch, a technical writer from Minneapolis Minnesota.

Admittedly, we went off on a tangent and talked about other things like passive income, multi level marketing, affiliate marketing and network marketing.

But the essence around the video is artificial intelligence, machine learning, and leveraging the Internet to do the work for you, to experience passive income.

If you have questions, ideas, comments or something to contribute, you can contact me at

You can contact Brian from his LinkedIn profile at:

Watch the video to get to know more about us and learn more.

No need for work at home sites with MagicBrad

Are you endlessly searching for work at home sites on the Internet so you can find a job to work from home?

There are a zillion of them, and you will be searching and testing them out for the rest of your life. most of these websites are simply directories of crap. The Internet has gotten very saturated with meaningless worthless Content.

The best way to make money working from home, in my opinion, is to find something of interest to you, that has a good profit margin, and is not saturated with Marketers pushing their agenda.

I have created my own Affiliate system, so I am able to pick and choose who I want to work with, and what I want to promote.

I call this my Synergy Affiliate Program, because it has a synergistic approach where I work with you, you work with me, we share the results.

The world that I am working in, is events and activities, primarily in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota.

Our current products are the Synergy Collaborative Membership and the Minnesota Event Expo that takes place in March.

If this is of interest to you, please feel free to contact me with any questions comments or ideas.

MagicBrad offers a monthly recurring revenue formula for Minnesota Business with Events and Activities

Yes, the Synergy Collaborative offers a monthly recurring revenue formula that is integrated with a traffic source from the combined efforts of our active affiliates.

Automated recurring revenue is a beautiful thing to experience. My friend Bo Young calls them “pillow payments”, because you can earn while you sleep.

The beauty of this design, is the participants do not need to take their focus off their primary business.

In fact, the purpose of the Synergy Collaborative is for US as a collective to collaborate and promote YOUR primary business.

But because the Synergy Affiliate Program is an “option” for the members of the Synergy Collaborative, they DO need to join the program in order for it to be activated. The Synergy Affiliate Program is free to join, but it is necessary to join and get activated in order to receive commissions.

Synergy Collaborative (monthly fee)

Synergy Affiliate Program (monthly income)

Once a business owner becomes a Synergy Collaborative member and joins the Synergy Affiliate Program, they do not do anything else other than participate in sharing the posts and content they see on the Internet.

This action of sharing the content benefits all involved. It’s like the idea of a rising tide lifts all boats.

Together we accomplish more.

Joint the Synergy Collaborative and the Synergy Affiliate Program, and let’s get started.

If you have any questions, give me a call.


Finally, my Make Money Online Home Page is getting more Minneapolis Traffic

Anyone that is a marketer that has been working on building income on the Internet, knows that it is a challenge.  I am over the top excited that my make money online home page is finally getting some traffic from Minneapolis Marketers.

If all of my other elements are connected and in order I should start seeing a boost in revenue.

When I can start implementing my Magic Marketing Tool, and target these people with direct mail and the United States Postal Service with MailBoxPower, I should be set.  

I am convinced that the affiliate marketing model is going to be a household word that people from all walks of life will be implementing.

If you have an interest in earning money online, and are not sure about the first steps, please do feel free to contact me and we can explore some collaborative activity two accelerate your success.