FIND: Job Fairs Near Me or Learn to Make Money Online

The job search is no fun. Even if there were multiple job fairs near me I don’t know if I would enjoy attending them all looking for work.

I will admit, there are times when I have thought about just getting a job as opposed to being an entrepreneur. It seems much easier to just pick up a paycheck every week as opposed to constantly working. Unless of course you love what you do, and it is enjoyable. As an example, right now I am laying in bed using my voice recognition software to talk this into my Apple iPhone. Somehow, I feel that beats looking for a job.

Alternative to the 9 to 5 job

Yes, there is an alternative to working the 9 to 5 jobs with hourly pay. Also, it is not necessary to do one or the other, when you could do both. It’s like a hybrid of income opportunities. You could go get temporary work and work our jobs, and then build an affiliate marketing business on the side.

Is affiliate marketing hard?

You might think affiliate marketing is hard, but that really depends on your definition of what hard work is. If you think it is hard work to write blog posts about a specific area of your interest and passion, then your life will be hard. Imagine if you found something that you were passionate about. Perhaps sports cars, or fishing or hunting, or maybe you’re interested in cooking, or yoga.

If you have a passion or interest in a specific topic, the information that you research, and the content that you produce, will be a labor of love, and you will enjoy doing what you do. One of the wonderful things about affiliate marketing, is the work you do can be done anytime of the day, and the benefits are realized at spontaneous times throughout the day. The Internet does not sleep. And it is active 24 hours a day.

How would you get started in affiliate marketing?

If you are sincerely interested in getting started in affiliate marketing, you can contact me with any questions. Or you can just join the Wealthy Affiliate membership. And it does not cost anything to join the free version.

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Affiliate Marketers ask where are coffee shops near me with Wi-Fi

People Making Money Online seem to do a lot of their work from local coffee shows, so the natural questions to ask is where are the coffee shops near me so I can work with other online entrepreneurs.

Since the inception of the Internet, and the ability to work online, there has been a huge surge of people working at coffee shops.

Affiliate Marketers and Coffee

Do affiliate marketers really like coffee, or is it the ability to access the Internet with free Wi-Fi? Personally, I would say it is the latter. Affiliate marketers need Internet access to do their business and promote their offerings.

Also, there is a sense of community when sitting in your local coffee shop. It’s relaxing to see other people with their laptop computers doing work. I often wonder, how many of these people are working for an hourly rate, versus the ones that are creating ongoing recurring income that scales.

Passive Income

It is my opinion, and believe that the most appealing element of affiliate marketing and working online with an Internet business, is the ability to have sales happen while you are out enjoying your lifestyle. This is different from the typical 9 to 5 jobs that many people are employed in. If you are not working, you do not get paid.

As a professional performing entertainer (Magician) I would only get paid, when I was on the stage performing. In addition, I did a lot of work doing marketing, talking on the phone, sending out postcards, going to networking events, and many other activities just to get my name out there and get bookings. Then, I only got paid when I was on the stage.

What I like about affiliate marketing, and the ability to work out of coffee shops, is that I do the work and post the content online, then the Internet does the rest of the work and propagates through the networks. People find these blog posts like you found this one, they explore the various links and banner offers, and if and when they join one of the programs like the Wealthy Affiliate network, they end up paying me a commission for doing the work like posting these articles at coffee shops.

It is very possible, that as you are reading this, I may be sleeping or out having fun, watching a movie, going to a fair, or festival or concert.

That is passive income.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me. I try to be very transparent on the Internet, and if you just Google the keyword “MagicBrad“ you will find some information about me and my various ventures online.

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Business is done on a Golf Course near Me

The real MONEY is made on the golf course, so you might want to know is there a golf course near me so I can earn some cash! Right?

Can you make money while playing golf?

The answer, is a resounding yes. However many people are still stuck in the dollar per hour mindset.  When a person can learn how to leverage the 24/7 activity of the Internet they will have plenty of leisure time to play golf.

How do you automate income? If you know anything about AMAZON, you know that it is in operation 24 hours a day.  The Internet is not limited to the 9 to 5 work day like typical employees. So then, how could an every day average guy that enjoys playing golf earn money on the Internet while he’s on the course?


Answer is simple, but…

The answer is simple, but it does require some time, energy and money. However not near as much as you might think.


Your Own Golf Website

Imagine having your own website focused on the niche topic of golf.  If you love golf, I am sure you will have no problem coming up with topics and content focused on the game of golf.  You know, there are thousands of other golf fanatics out there on the Internet, looking for ways to improve their swing, or find new clubs and equipment related to golf.  Well, when these people buy these products online, you could be earning a commission off their purchases,  while you are out on the course enjoying yourself or possibly relaxing at the 19th hole.


A Website Costs a lot of Money

NOPE‼️  Back in the early days of the Internet, websites probably cost a lot of money, however these days they are almost turn key. The challenge comes in creating the content. However you have a passion for the game of golf, so you will have no problem finding things to talk about in the area of golf.


I don’t Know How

The Internet is full of information on learning how to do almost anything you are interested in learning about. One of the upsides with the Wealthy Affiliate platform is it is a place you can learn about building websites and generating traffic and monetizing the website with golf related affiliate offers, so that you can earn money while you are playing golf.


Won’t Cost you a Penny

Here is the sweet part of the deal. This is very low risk. You can get into the Wealthy Affiliate network with only your email address.  It won’t cost you any money to get inside and poke around and see if affiliate marketing is for you.


And, as always I am available for any questions. Let’s connect!

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FIND: Temporary Employment Agencies Near Me and GET PAID!

YOU FOUND IT! Your search for temporary employment agencies near me just opened a unique way to earn money.

The keyword here is “temporary“ or are you looking for a full-time job working for hourly wages? You do understand, that hourly wages are limited to how many hours you can work in a day, and how much your employer is willing to pay you per hour. The amount that an employer is willing to pay is usually much, much, much less than the individual is worth.


Do you know your value?

Most employees are willing to work for whatever they can get from their employer. When in fact, their value is significantly higher than the dollar per hour rate that the employer is willing to pay. I fully understand it from the employers point of view, and that they want to pay out significantly less, so they maximize their profit margin.

This factor, naturally limits your ability to get paid what you are actually worth.


Temporary is OK.

It’s fine to be a temporary worker, just to keep your head above water, and pay the bills. However, if you want to have a better lifestyle, you are going to need to significantly increase your income over and above your current bills and expenses.

The reality is, you cannot do that with a temporary hourly paying job. You can only increase and scale up your income when you can leverage your time spent working, so that your energy spent is working when you are not.


The saying, “Time is Money” is a MYTH

If time, was truly money, we would all have the same amount, just as we have the same amount of 24 hours in a day.

Time is a constant, that we all have in common. Money however, is a variable, and will be different from person to person.

So then, how can a person make money, when they are not working? They have to automate the process, or leverage other peoples time so that they are generating revenue while they are not working. That is where the make money while you sleep concept comes from.


The Internet doesn’t Sleep

The Internet is operating 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year. So then, how can you capitalize on this 24 hour machine? Considering that people all over the world are accessing the Internet at multiple times throughout the day. Many of these people are consumers, looking for products and services.

The question is, how can you provide consumers with products and services on a global basis 24 hours a day? This is what AMAZON has done. If you think about it, AMAZON is running 24 hours a day and people are accessing those products from their computers as consumers. Amazon, does not even provide the products. The products are provided from other people. AMAZON is simply the middleman providing access to the consumer.

How can you be like AMAZON?

I am not suggesting that you try to replicate what AMAZON has done. What I am suggesting is you become the “middleman” between the products being sold, and the consumer that is shopping for them.

You can easily become the “middleman” by becoming an “affiliate marketer“ and making products available to consumers. You do not need to create products or services yourself. You simply need to have access to them from various “affiliate programs” that can be found online.


What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate programs, are set up by product and service creators that are willing to pay commissions for marketers, like myself, to promote their products and sell them for them.


Granted, this sounds simple, and it is simple, but it is not easy. It requires an understanding of how the process works, and how to find the people that want to sell the products, and also how to find the consumers that want to buy those products.


Fortunately for you…

Fortunately for you, there are training and education platforms available. One of these is the Wealthy Affiliate community. I am not going to try to sell you on their program, because I just do not operate that way. This is one of the wonderful things about affiliate marketing, is you do not need to put on the hard-sell. If people want it, they buy it.

Getting the traffic to your offers, is the challenge. That is how you got here, reading this. All I am doing, is making the offer available to you.


Join the Wealthy Affiliate Tribe!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and contact me.



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TIP: How to find Affiliate Networks with Authentic People

Where are the REAL Affiliate Marketers?

People that want to make money online ask me how to find affiliate networks that have a genuine community of authentic people. It is not that easy to find affiliate networks that have genuine authentic people in it. I have been through a lot of online marketing groups and tried lots of systems and training Platforms that made big claims of ease and wealth. Everything from Empower Network to MOBE to MLSP to Internet Lifestyle Network, Global Resorts Network, Ripplin and the list goes on.

One of the things I found in common with most of these hypy-scammy types of opportunities, is they are very focused on money. BIG money! And FAST money.

Building anything worthwhile, takes time.

Another thing to be cautioned of, is the multiple up sells and the urgency to go “all in“ is another thing to beware of.

The programs to stay away from, in my opinion, are the ones that flash cash, cars and exotic vacations.

If you think about it, a program or platform, should not cost anything to try. There should be a free trial. You should be able to test it out, and work with it to see if it is a fit for you.

I have had my eyes on the Wealthy Affiliate network for quite a while now. I never did get active, until recently, because I was busy with all those other programs that had me convinced I could be a millionaire in a year. LOL

Now that I have invested into the Wealthy Affiliate network, and have taken some time to go through their information. I am convinced that they are not like the others. They have stood the test of time, and are still there and improving their system.

I invested into the entire year for less than $300 bucks. I can network with other members, build multiple websites, use their keyword search tools, and their blogging optimization tools and much more.

I have decided that affiliate marketing is the way to go for me, because I don’t want to develop my own products and services or stockpile any products or do any billing.

I’m a middleman. (Just like Amazon)

If you’re interested in collaborating with me, please contact me. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate already of not. I’m not going to try to pressure you into joining Wealthy Affiliate with my link. I’m open to exploring ideas and opportunities for mutual success.

We can do this!

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GOT IT! The Facebook Event Cover Photo Size

Event Marketers are always looking for the Facebook event cover photo size.

The Facebook event cover photo dimensions are vital, and Facebook does not make it easy to find their optimal dimensions. The Facebook business page cover photo size can be different, but wouldn’t it be nice if these sizes were more universal. Generally speaking, Facebook page cover photo size might be different from the Facebook group cover photo size and the Facebook event photo size so does it all really matter?

Size Matters

Facebook Event Cover Photo Size Basics Guide

  • Currently: 1200 x 628 (2:1 ratio)
  • Recommendation: 1920 x 1080 (16:9 ratio)
  • Minimum Dimensions: 470 × 174

The current Facebook event image will be different from both of the other options like the fan page and also your personal profile page.

Generally speaking you can make them bigger, but don’t make them smaller, for the better results. Both myself #MagicBrad and Facebook often recommend at least a 1200 pixel width.

Things change

Like most everything on the Internet, it will change. The event cover photo may vary at different times depending on when Facebook makes updates.

It was checked and verified on January 4, 2019, that the recommended size for a Facebook event cover photo is 1200 x 628. It has been recommended that the width of the image is 1920 pixels.

The reason these sizes vary so often, is that they are being showed on multiple devices from multiple device manufacturers. Too bad we can’t all agree on a universal system.

The Facebook event image size on an iPad displays at 128 x 674 pixels. This is that the size of the iPad device, will vary from other manufactured tablet devices.

With all of this being said and done, the bottom line is getting people to find your event, and then click on the registration button.

KISS = Keep It Super Simple

If you would like some help on event marketing strategy and using multiple platforms to generate leads for your business, please feel free to contact me.


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