Passengers of American Airlines check flight status multiple times a day

With the unpredictability of air travel, passengers are now checking American Airlines check flight status multiple times during the day to make sure that nothing has changed.

Will you miss your flight?

In the past, it was basically mechanical problems or the weather that would delay flights.

Nowadays, it can be much more than the weather, or a mechanical problem. There could be terrorist issues at the airport. Or maybe just some wacko is in the area causing trouble.

I have always wanted to get to the airport early, and get to the gate early. Because I run my business and my income producing activities from my phone, I can get some work done, wherever I am planted.


However, to be completely open and honest, I have not been on an airline flight, or even in the airport for a couple years, due to this crazy pandemic thingy.

On the note of creating passive income online, if you’re interested I would love to have a conversation to explore some ideas with you.

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