Learn about Passive Income business opportunities in the Real Estate Industry

Some people do not believe passive income business opportunities exist. Other people, such as myself, believe passive income does exist.

In this video I’ll interview Lane Kawaoka on The MagicBrad Show and we talk about real estate as a passive cash flow.

I found it interesting how Lane is focused on a specific “sweet spot” in the real estate demographic. He does not go for the high and expensive homes, he focuses on small to midsize income home buyers.

For those of you, that might be interested in what Nate is offering, his website is here below.

GO TO SimplePassiveCashflow.com

I know real estate is a good Income Business, however I am hesitant myself to go into real estate, because I do not have the confidence for myself. I am concerned, that it would take too much of my time, and I value my time greatly.

If you are reading this, and are interested in being a guest on my video show you can learn more by going to the website below.

SEE TheMagicBradShow.com

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