The SHOCKING conspiracy of the mini GPS tracking chip in humans!

Are you paranoid about a mini GPS tracking chip that is following you?

I admit, I intentionally put the word “shocking” in the title, as a click bait technique to make a point.

Words are used to attract attention. And when you are attracted to a specific word that is the first step in a strategy and technique to get you closer to a decision.

Most people over complicate things. As an example the idea of having a microchip in bedded or injected into a human being is not only unnecessary, but impractical.

If there was some big organization that wanted to track your every move, they would not need to embed a chip inside. They could simply put a tracking chip on something that you carry around all the time, like a cell phone. Or like a pair of air Jordans or Nikes or Adidas.

Or a tracking chip could be put in the brim of a baseball cap. It could be inserted into a Starbucks coffee cup. A chip could be in the cardboard box of cornflakes.

when a consumer purchased these products, it will give plenty of information for the conspiracy to track and act on whatever they choose.

Excuse me, I think I’m getting bad reception. Let me takeoff my tinfoil hat.

They are, that’s much better.

The truth is, we are all being manipulated by the information that we take in.

if what you are reading right now, is of interest, then you are still reading. If it is not of interest, you probably did not even read this line, because you left a while ago.

Marketers use technology and psychology all the time, to persuade consumers into purchasing products and services.

This is exactly what I am doing now. I am about to introduce you to a piece of software that I use to send postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts through the United States Postal Service.

this software is called MailBoxPower, and I call this my MagicMarketingTool, because of the features inside that allow you to build mailing lists, do automated campaigns, and the print merge function that allows you to personalize gifts with laser engraved fonts.


If you have an interest in marketing, and making money on the Internet, I welcome you to reach out and connect, and we can have a conversation and explore ideas.

In this VIDEO I talk with my friend Brian about technology and the tracking that goes on in this vast universe we called the Internet.

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