Why do people believe god?

Notice how this question is phrased.

why do people believe god

The question is not why do people believe “in” God. The question is why do people believe God.

I think a lot of people don’t believe God, when they are getting advice from this highest power and authority, often times they do not take the advice.

There are some people that classify themselves as atheist, or agnostic, and claim not to believe God even exists.

Personally, I find it strange how someone can debate the existence of something, if they don’t think it even does exist.

For me, I believe God exists, and the debate is in what form.

Is God in physical form?
Is God in ethereal form?

Is God in imaginary form?

Regardless of what form God may be currently in, I find it difficult to deny the existence, only because we are currently discussing the existence, therefore “it” must be present.

The debate on God, always ends the same.

Agree, to disagree.

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