Ahhh, so this is why Minnesota Health Insurance is so expensive!

Do you wonder WHY Minnesota Health Insurance is crazy nuts expensive? It is because the corporations and organizations involved are greedy, gluttonous and corrupt.

Most of the individuals involved, have good intentions, and our peer and actually caring people. I mean people like the nurses and assistance. Even most of the the doctors and surgeons are genuinely concerned and caring people.

But when the dollar signs $$$ show up, it is very easy for greed, gluttony and corruption to take hold.

DISCLAIMER, I am not a insurance professional or a medical professional or a healthcare professional. I’m just a person with an opinion.

Let’s start first with the pharmaceuticals. If you have ever watched these TV commercials promoting pharmaceutical drugs, everything is rainbows and wonderful. They will show a healthy wonderful couple skipping through a Daisyfield, and suggesting that they are so happy because of this drug.

Then, in the same commercial they will tell you about all of the side effects that will very possibly happen when you take this drug. That is their disclaimer so they don’t get in trouble.

And there is the insurance companies, that provide you with the funds to take care of yourself if something were to happen. However, they also take payments from hundreds of thousands of millions of people to put into this pool so that once in a while on rare occasion people need to use their insurance. Then some of the insurance companies try to avoid the claims.

Don’t get me wrong. Insurance is a good thing to have, but it has also got out of control.

Then there are the medical device manufacturers that make the machines and the different types of tools or products that need to be used for surgery or rehabilitation.

Why are these medical devices so expensive? certainly, there are some precision instruments necessary, but I do believe that many of these devices are way over priced. Why are they overpriced? Because they can be. Often times the insurance companies, manufacturers or distributors are willing to pay these manufacturers for these products and services.

All of this would be fine, if it was not for the greed and gluttony that is human nature.

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