Getting Online Jobs without investment of time and energy is impossible!

Seriously? Getting online jobs without investment some sort of investment, like time or energy is not practical or possible.

Certainly, you can find online jobs without investment of money. But you are going to need to spend some time, and exert a little energy. It’s a law of physics.

As an example, I am laying here on my couch at about 5 o’clock in the morning in Minneapolis Minnesota doing this blog post that you are reading now. I am literally laying on my back, with my cell phone in my hand talking this blog post into my phone. I will show you how if you are interested.

You are investing your time and energy into consuming the Content I have posted today.

You may not choose to invest any money, but you have invested your time.

Perhaps you will go on one of my landing pages and opt in your email address to learn more about an opportunity. But you did invest time in energy.

If you are interested in making money, you will need to invest money.

Money is just a byproduct of work. Money is just a measurement system that we have come up with to measure the amount of energy exerted on a specific job or project.

If you are interested in earning money online, and you will need to put forth some effort. I use MailBoxPower, to deliver Postcards, Greeting Cards and Personalized gift via the United States Postal Service.

I called this my Magic Marketing Tool because I am able to automate many of the activities.


I have multiple other avenues that I use to generate income online. So I do not need to have a job or a boss.

I am my own boss.

If you are interested in learning how to in my online, let’s have a conversation. We can get on a video call or telephone if you wish.

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