The savvy Keller Williams Real Estate Agents are using Direct Mail

That’s Right!!!

The savvy Keller Williams Real Estate Agents are closing more deals using direct mail and a cutting edge software program called MailBoxPower. I called this software my Magic Marketing Tool because of the automation features.


This software allows you to automate the communication with prospective buyers and sellers using the United States Postal Service to deliver Postcards, Greeting Cards and Personalized Customized Gifts.

All business owners know that relationship building with your clients and customers is the way you get referrals for new business. And the name of the game is staying top of mind with all these people. You can now do it affordably with a time saving software called MailBoxPower. It is my Magic Marketing Tool that does the trick.


You can learn more from the link, but you can also feel free to contact me.

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