What is the Magic Castle membership cost for Magicians?

The Magic Castle is a private member only club. (MembersOnlyLounge.com)

Anyone that is a fan of magic would like to know the Magic Castle membership cost so they can either impress their friends, or get into the Magic Castle at the member rate.

By being a member of a private club, it not only gives you special privileges within the club, it also puts you at a different level amongst your peers. The Magic Castle in Hollywood California, is well known bye celebrities and additions as well.

If you are a magician, professional or hobbyist, and would like to learn how you can get into this private club known as the Magic Castle, there are ways around paying for a membership.

These methods, are really no secret. What do you need to do, to get free admission into the Magic Castle, is you need to know someone. You need to know another member, and be their guest.

If you do not know anyone that is a member of “The Castle”, perhaps there are member of TheMagicUniverse.com

Go ahead! You can contact us here and perhaps we can hook you up.


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