There is FREE Affiliate Marketing Training all over the internet.

There is free affiliate marketing training on the Internet all over the place. You will find training courses on YouTube and there are “gurus” selling their courses all over the place.

Gurus are 99% B.S.

You really do not need any training or courses to be an affiliate marketer in my opinion. What do you need is a passion and desire to promote a product or service that you have an interest in.

Affiliate Marketing, is not much different than recommending a good movie, or a restaurant that you like.

Affiliate Marketing is simply making a connection between a prospective customer and a product or service.

You are probably doing that already on social media. What makes it affiliate marketing, is the link that you share, is YOUR designated tracking link so that you can earn the commission. (NOTE: There are some restrictions on some social media platforms, so if you need to be cautious.)

There are other methods beyond social media for promoting products and services with your unique Affiliate link.

One method I use, is direct mail postcards mailed through the United States Postal Service with a product called MailBoxPower. I like to call this my magic marketing tool, because the platform makes it so easy to use.


One of the strategies I use on these postcards, is to print a QR code on the card. This QR code goes directly to my affiliate link so that when people scan the code, their phone directs them right to the landing page. Pretty simple.

If you are interested, I have an affiliate program that I use with the Synergy Collaborative Memberships and my local Minneapolis events.

The affiliate program is called the Synergy Affiliate Program and is available on the Synergy Collaborative landing page.


If you have any questions, just connect with me on social media, or call my mobile phone and leave a message.


BONUS! Become a MailBoxPower Affiliate by clicking this link.

NOTE: You need to have a MailBoxPower account to be an affiliate.

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