Does the Minneapolis MN news cover Private Events?

Private Events are Private right?

Not always. Sometimes people that produce their own private event, want the media to recognize their event.

Usually these events are invitation only, and they do not want the Minneapolis MN news media involved. But sometimes, they are looking for that extra exposure.

The Minnesota Event Planner Expo has attendees that produce both public and private events. Sometimes you will see wedding planners, city celebration committees, church organizations, high school Activities coordinators, tradeshow coordinators, corporate event planners, and of course private event planners.


And by the way, if you are a Event Suppliers or Vendor and are interested in meeting the event planners of the Twin Cities, you might consider exhibiting in the Minnesota Event expo.

Here’s the good news!

If you are a member of the Synergy Collaborative, your exhibit space could be complementary.


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