I’ll show you how to FSBO like a PRO with Direct Mail Postcards!

If you landed on this post and do not know what FSBO is, then you might want to scroll on.

However, if you know what FSBO is, and want to learn more on how to FSBO then read on.

FSBO is a real estate term for “for sale by owner” and real estate Professionals are looking for homes that are for sale by the owner.

Most real estate professionals are constantly busy, because the only way to learn about homes that are selling, is to be out talking with people, constantly.

There is a better way.

And I called this my Magic Marketing Tool, because it has magical features.

My Magic Marketing Tool is also called MailBoxPower, and allows real estate professionals to find Leeds of homeowners.

Are use the same platform for my event Marketing Business, but there are a lot of real estate professionals using it as well.

GO TO MagicMarketingTool.com

This software platform is used to send direct mail Postcards, Greeting Cards and Personalized Gifts via an automated process.

The platform has a most builder feature where you can buy mailing list of homeowners in specific geographic areas and demographic levels as well.

If you are a real estate agent or a broker, investor, flipper or are just testing the waters and learning about real estate, then this software is going to be a lot of fun and you will love it.

SEE MagicMarketingTool.com to learn more.

Try Now at MailBoxPower.com

If you have any questions before you jump on board, you can contact me directly.

Minneapolis Real Estate Agents use this Magic Marketing Tool

There is a magic marketing tool that Minneapolis Real Estate Agents can use to grow their business by staying top of mind with their clients, customers and prospects.

This Magic Marketing Tool is called MailBoxPower, and it uses the United States Postal Service to deliver thank you cards and gifts of appreciation to clients, customers and prospects.


I use MailBoxPower to promote my Event and Activities Business and I love the efficacy it provides.

As always, if you have any questions comments or ideas, please feel free to contact me.



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