The MSP Parking can be an asset for your Minneapolis St Paul business.

Many people are frustrated with MSP parking and the businesses that find a solution, can capitalize on this frustration problem.

How can you profit from this problem?

That’s admit, consumers don’t like paying for parking. If your business can solve this parking payment problem, perhaps these consumers would support your business.

I believe direct mail postcards are one of the best methods of getting the word out to prospective new customers for most any business.

Direct mail postcards are one of the lowest priced message. Currently, I can send a postcard for only .40 cents.

As Marketers, we all know that repetition is what matters. Along with consistency.

What is the profit margin on your product or service? How many postcards could you mail before you used up that profit margin?

A lot of Postcards.

IDEA: For only 40 cents you can send a postcard to the consumers in your local area offering them a reimbursement of their parking fee or a reduced price on their purchase.

I use a platform called MailBoxPower to send my postcards. One of the best features, is the postcards are free. All you need to do is pay the .40 cents postage.

I called this platform my Magic Marketing Tool, because of the free postcard feature and also the automation that saves time, and the list builder option where you can purchase lists very affordably.


I also use this software to promote the members of the Synergy Collaborative and I do this monthly.


The members of the synergy Collaborative are offered complementary Exhibit Space at our trade Shows and Expos here in Minneapolis.


If you ever have any questions, ideas, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me.



Business Travelers use MSP Airport Parking to save time and money.

Business travelers know that spending too much time looking for your car can be a huge waste. This is why they use MSP Airport Parking to park their cars when traveling for business.

I did an informal voice survey at the Minnesota Event Expo in March. I was surprised at how many people used the MSP airport parking instead of parking in the general lot.


Certainly, traveling to and from the airport can be done with a Lyft or Uber ride, but sometimes it is nice to have your own vehicle.

I have also made it possible for Synergy Collaborative Members to be eligible for reimbursement on certain fees and admissions. Perhaps I can arrange to pay for parking for Synergy Collaborative Members.


If you do not already know, the Synergy Collaborative is a decentralized organization that I created to help event Marketers and Business Owners to promote their business and make money online. One of the tools we use is called MailBoxPower and is very powerful to use the United States Postal Service (USPS) to deliver postcards, greeting cards, and personalized gifts.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Is MSP Off Site parking the only answer?

Finding a place to park your car is a growing problem in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul. The MSP off site parking is a small part of the solution equation.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen the plethora of condos in multi family dwellings popping up all over the major metropolis cities. Even out into the distant suburbs, the apartment complexes have become massive.

This means more and more people. Which also means more and more vehicles.

Where will we park our cars?

With the pandemic situation, there have been more people leaving the downtown areas and moving into distant suburbs. But this will increase exponentially, as people multiply.

Every year, or actually each month, a new massive group of teenagers become driving age. They get their license, and start driving around the city, and eventually need a place to park the car.

This expansion could be good for business and commerce in the city. There are plenty of places to park your car, but it is going to cost you some money. There are places like the mall of America and your typical shopping mall has free parking. But places like the Minneapolis Saint Paul international airport, have paid parking on-site and offsite.

So then, what is the good news?

How can we as entrepreneurs and affiliate Marketers capture this growth and leverage it to our benefit?

Maybe someone will come up with a phone app, that allows a driver to park their car any place universally, and pay an annual fee or a monthly fee to park their car.

If this paid app has an affiliate program implemented, as affiliate marketers, we could sell the app membership and earn a monthly recurring commission on all the drivers that we sign up to this app.

It is the future.

Be ready for it.


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