My simple answer to the question, what is affiliate online marketing?

Sometimes when I attend Networking Events, people inevitably ask… what do you do?

I answer the question with a question, and say are you familiar with Affiliate Marketing?

They say… No, what is affiliate online marketing MagicBrad?

As usual, people over complicate things. They are not sure what marketing is, and they don’t know what an affiliate is.

Basically Affiliate Marketing is similar to being a broker, or a middleman and you earn a commission from promoting a product or service.

Simple as that.

One of the products that I promote, is also a product that I use called MailBoxPower. I call it my Magic Marketing Tool because it has many features that you do not see. Just like a magician would do an effect, that looks like something normal, there is a lot going on in the background. But the basic essence is simple.


If you do not already know, MailBoxPower  is a software platform that uses the United States Postal Service to send postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts.

I use this platform, to promote my clients and customers and exhibitors that are in the Minnesota Event Planners Expo. They are members of the Synergy Collaborative which provides them the service of ongoing promotion via the Internet, as well as opportunities to meet their ideal clients at live in person events.


By the way, if you have any interest in any of the things you see me doing online, please feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, comments or suggestions.

Make life magical.

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