This is what to start investing in to earn passive income. @Moneyripples

People that crave financial freedom wonder what to start investing in that will bring the fastest return.

Usually financial freedom is not about fast, but more about FLOW.

I recently had a video interview with my friend Chris Miles that runs a company called MoneyRipples.


Our conversation went from investing in real estate, to investing in software, and we even talked a little bit about investing in bitcoin.

We talked about the dangers of investing your time into one thing, that might evaporate someday.

The common investor puts their money into the stock market, which is often times a volatile place to put your hard earned money.

Personally, I have a lot of my money invested in Real Estate Investment Trusts also known as REITS. I have been doing fairly well with these investments.

However, Chris has some other ideas, and now that I have interviewed him a couple times, I need to look further into his savvy and strategy.

We also talked about passive income. I have some passive income streams from some software that I promote. The people that use this software, are being charged monthly subscriptions, and I am an affiliate of these platforms, so I earn passive recurring monthly commissions off multiple users.

Granted, any one of these could close and disappear at any time. This is why it is so important to have multiple streams of income. Multiple streams provide more of a guarantee of success. Perhaps not a guarantee, but at least a better chance.

The software I am referring to is called MailBoxPower and it is used to automatically send postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts to my clients and prospects.

I call this my Magic Marketing Tool, because the automation happens by itself which feels truly magical.


By the way, if you have any interest in some of the things that I am doing online to earn passive income and would like to brainstorm some ideas, I am open to a conversation.

Learn about Passive Income business opportunities in the Real Estate Industry

Some people do not believe passive income business opportunities exist. Other people, such as myself, believe passive income does exist.

In this video I’ll interview Lane Kawaoka on The MagicBrad Show and we talk about real estate as a passive cash flow.

I found it interesting how Lane is focused on a specific “sweet spot” in the real estate demographic. He does not go for the high and expensive homes, he focuses on small to midsize income home buyers.

For those of you, that might be interested in what Nate is offering, his website is here below.


I know real estate is a good Income Business, however I am hesitant myself to go into real estate, because I do not have the confidence for myself. I am concerned, that it would take too much of my time, and I value my time greatly.

If you are reading this, and are interested in being a guest on my video show you can learn more by going to the website below.