If you’re looking for quality used golf clubs then…

Before you go shopping for quality used golf clubs you better know what quality actually is.

Personally, I am pretty much clueless as to the quality of a golf club. In fact, I am not even a golfer. Yes, I have golfed and I do go to top golf and drive some balls on occasion with my friend Rick “the expo guy” Martinek.

For those of you that do not know, I started a exposition management company in 2004 with Rick Martinek. The business was called MediaMAX and Events and Expos and we branded ourselves as “the expo guys” producing 11 shows a year.

I’ve been producing events since I was a child, and the event that is my claim to fame, is the MinnesotaEventExpo.com

This tradeshow was partially designed around the Minnesota Golf Show and that brings us full circle back to quality golf clubs.

If you are looking to learn more about quality golf clubs, then you should go to the Minnesota Golf Show and talk with the professionals that are at the show.

You are going to learn 1000 times more from talking with these people face-to-face, than you ever will learn doing research on the Internet.

Tradeshows Work

If you want to learn more about tradeshows, events, and making money on the Internet, feel free to contact me.

GO TO MagicBrad.com

I’m looking forward to our conversation.

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