The Atlanta REIA people need to know about MailBoxPower @AtlantaREIA

MailBoxPower is automating “Haves and Wants”, and the Atlanta REIA Members are getting the deals.

Most every business professional knows that deals will come and go in a flash. And the person that is there at the right time in the right place is the one that gets the deal.

How are you going to be that person?

You can do it using software technology. The platform I am referring to is called MailBoxPower and I call it my Magic Marketing Tool because of the automations featured.


The software platform also has a list building feature where you can purchase mailing lists in specific ZIP Codes.

You are not limited to real estate in Atlanta. You can work deals in any state in the country. Including Minneapolis Minnesota where I am located.

Let’s connect, and I will show you the inside of MailBoxPower and my Magic Marketing Tool.


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