Best Jobs for People over 50

The best jobs for people over 50 years of age, are NOT going to be physical ones. I’m 65 and still in pretty good shape physically, but after a day of lifting or chores, I am sore.

A better job for those over 50 are cashier type jobs. But the pay is not that good. And for me personally, I don’t like the hourly compensation model.


Because hourly compensation is limited with only 24 hour in a day. Any the employer (boss) will only pay as much as their business can afford, which is usually not enough to make it worth my time.

I’ve been self-employed most all my life. I started as an entertainer (magician) and then got into the Event Industry. But now I am promoting products and services online. The model is called Affiliate Marketing and I learned from a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. (free to try) (no credit card needed)

If you want to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate here is a link.


I’m also available to chat if you have any questions about anything I’m doing.

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