Did you check the Crypto Currency Charts today?

You would think that if somebody is seriously into this crypto market that they would check the crypto currency charts every day or maybe every hour.

How much do you have wrapped up into cryptocurrency right now? Are you making the big bucks with Crypto? Or are you still sitting on the sidelines like I am wondering what the hell is going on?

Personally, I am very hesitant of investing money into money. Reason being, it is so flexible right now bouncing around up and down new coins old coins this coin the coin.

I would rather invest into something that I understand, and I am more in control of.

I actually invest into digital marketing tools, that I can use to make more money. Often times these digital marketing platforms have affiliate programs attached to them so I can actually make money by promoting the product and also use the product to make more money.

One of these services is a platform called MailBoxPower and I use it to send postcards through the United States Postal Service.

I called this my Magic Marketing Tool because of the features that automate and personalize these postcards and laser engraved gifts as well.

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Can you trust a free daily online horoscope to help with life choices?

You need to have an open mind to believe in the free daily online horoscope publishing that are found all over the newspapers and Internet.

Astrology, horoscopes and the zodiac have been around for many years. Some people feel it is a bunch of bunk. Others believe it helps them navigate daily life.

Either way, it still is out there.

Let’s say for example that the astrology and horoscope stuff is a bunch of bunk. Even if a person uses it to guide them through life, what is the harm?

And on the other hand, what if it is real, but the person reading the con tent is not following it specifically, and is making a few small changes in the direction of their life that might go the wrong way and end up badly?

What would be a safer route, reading your daily horoscope and taking actions that you believe would be better for your life? Or paying some guru consultant thousands of dollars or perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars to give you their advice?

Either way, there are no guarantees.

So whether you spend money on a coach, consultant, teacher, trainer or whatever, or if you take the free route, you will probably be in the same place either way.

Use your own experience, knowledge and wisdom. Trust your gut. Make your own choices.

God grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change, change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I wish you the best of luck and success in life.


Get a NASCAR racing schedule so you don’t miss the action!

Where do you get your NASCAR racing schedule it is up-to-date?

The schedule is certainly available online, and that would be the source that is the most up to date I would think.

However before you get too far into this blog post, I’d like to let you know that I am not a race fan. My interest in NASCAR is specifically because of the huge fan base and the large numbers and the money that goes through the sport.

I am interested in taking advantage of this huge industry, and earning some passive reoccurring income from the traffic.

One of the ways I am going to attempt this, is through direct mail using the United States Postal Service to deliver postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts.

Are use a platform called MailBoxPower  and I called this my Magic Marketing Tool, because the features inside the platform are super powerful.

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Are there NASCAR race tickets available at a discount?

I would think every race fanatic would want to get nascar race tickets at a discount. But to be honest, I have no idea where specifically you can get discounted NASCAR tickets.

However, if you know somebody in a corporation, it’s possible that they could get discounts through their sponsorship of a NASCAR event.

I would assume there are scalpers just like there are with the football games trying to sell discount tickets.

I am not a race found myself, but more of an entrepreneur and capitalist looking to earn money from the hundreds of thousands of NASCAR fans.

I have an idea of how to use the United States Postal Service to deliver direct mail postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts to race fans and make offers for different products and services.

Of course I would stay within the guidelines of copyright laws.

I called a software platform my Magic Marketing Tool. It is called MailBoxPower and is amazing.

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What is NASCAR season? I think it is all year round.

I saw this question, what is NASCAR season and I had to chuckle.

From what I understand, NASCAR is one of the most popular spectator sports in the world.

When there is a spectator sport of that caliber, I think the season is ongoing 365 days a year.

Personally, I am not a race fanatic, and can’t really imagine sitting in the bleachers watching cars drive around in a circle.

But for some people it is a lifestyle. It is all about NASCAR.

When I see people that are this passionate about a subject, and there are so many people involved, it triggers my entrepreneurial brain to figure out a way to capitalize on earning some online income. Which is the reason for this post.

If you are a NASCAR fan, and are also interested in making passive income on the Internet, we should talk and have a brainstorming session to see if we have some common interest and combine our strengths.


If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or contact me on the Internet.

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