There is MAGIC in Palm Bay Florida when you know where to look!

There is MAGIC in Palm Bay Florida if you look for it. In this video, I had a conversation with my friend and fellow Magician Colleague Steve Hart.

We talked about how some magicians are part-time professionals, and are wanting to get into performing full-time, so they can leave their 9 to 5 job and be a professional performing Magician.

Some people believe this is almost impossible, however both Steve and myself have performed as full-time professionals, and earned a significant income. we are both now semi retired.

Some of the important things a beginner magical performer needs to understand, is that sometimes it is not about big numbers, and sometimes it is more about the quality of the audience.


For those of you that are reading this now, and are not currently doing magic, maybe you want to learn a few magical effect, that you can use in your current career.

Say for example you are in sales, and you are looking for unique and entertaining ways to break the ice with no prospective customers.

Or perhaps you are a marketing manager and in charge of the upcoming Tradeshow, and you’re looking for ways to attract attendees to your booth.

Yes there are simple and easy to do magic tricks that are available. My friend Steve Hart has a website designed with very affordable magical effects that can be used very effectively when retained and performed properly.


Watch this video in our conversation about magic, marketing and metaphysical manifestation.


Compare car insurance and save a bundle. Maybe but maybe not!

I was told that if I compare car insurance that I could save a bundle on my insurance cost. However, if you keep jumping from insurance company, to insurance company, will you ever develop a relationship with your agent? Sometimes the relationship is worth the extra money you’re paying for the insurance.

Let’s say for example you are saving $1000 per year because you shopped for the cheapest price.

Now let’s look at a scenario, when you needed to make a claim, and your insurance agent would not return your calls. How much is your time worth? You could spend hours and days trying to communicate, and the time you spend thinking about this insurance issue, could be spent on thinking about more productive and revenue generating activity.

So then, my conclusion is use an insurance agent, that has your best interest. Someone that is authentic, genuine and sincere.

Do you know what is US Constitution and the simple meaning?

If you want to live in the United States of America you need to know what is US Constitution and what it means.

The constitution of the United States of America has been laid out for many years, it’s pretty simple, and these are the rules we live by here in the United States of America.

We have freedom.

If you do not like the constitution of the United States, you have the freedom to leave the country and become a citizen in another country.