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My name is BRAD GUDIM (aka “MagicBrad”)

I’ve been self-employed most all my life.

After I graduated from Fridley High School in 1975, I did get a “real job” with the Anoka County Parks and Recreation Department. But after about 3 years of “working for the man”, they had a layoff,  and I lost my “real job”.

This was when I knew that self-employment was less of a risk. I went into business for myself and a professional entertainer (magician) doing magic shows for corporations and private parties.

In the 90s, I got into producing tradeshows and expos. Did this for many years and then the internet became a thing, so I explored and studied. I’m intrigued how the entire world is connected.

Then I discovered Affiliate Marketing.

I’ve been through many programs and get rich quick schemes, and learned that there really is no “secret” solution to online success. The key to success, like most everything, comes from focus and persistency.

I’ve got my TEAM and I’ve got my TRIBE.

The people in my TRIBE are simply “followers” that are curious about the affiliate marketing world and what I’m doing.

The people on my TEAM are activly learning, working, strategizing, and collaborating to make money online and a serious about what we are doing

If you sincerely want to learn about Affiliate Marketing, I am sincerely interested in helping and working with you.  We will learn together. We will collaborate in synergy.

You can join My Wealthy Affiliate TEAM – No Fee – It’s FREE!

JOIN My Wealthy Affiliate TEAM – CLICK HERE

My Wealthy Affiliate TRIBE is for entrepreneurs that want to earn money online as an Affiliate Marketer. I created this collaborative, because I am a believer that the old paradigm of competing and conquering is antiquated, ineffective and futile.

The new paradigm is to collaborate strategically and share in the results.

I also believe that strategic collaboration, accelerates success for those that activly participate. Synergy is 1+1=11.

Together We Accomplish More.

Although some of us, are members of the “official” Wealthy Affiliate network, it is not required to participate in my synergistic strategic collaborative activities.

Regardless if you are a current member of my “team”, you are still welcome to participate and MASTERMIND in the the collaborative activity of my Wealthy Affiliate TRIBE.

Let’s Connect and explore opportunity!


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