What is ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT and is it the end of Google?

Google has been the king of the hill for a long time, but what if there is a platform where you can ask a question and get the instant answer. Totally functioning off of artificial intelligence.

The best MLM Downline Builder

In my opinion, the Best MLM downline builder is a Strategic Alliance and Collaborative effort.

Let’s be real here.

I’m going to be open and transparent here. I personally prefer the affiliate model over the network, marketing or MLM model.

But regardless, the best way to grow an organization or a team, is with relationships. You have heard the phrase that two heads are better than one, or a rising tide, lifts all boats.

My interest in the affiliate, marketing world, is to put together small teams to collaborate on common goals and objectives. Would you like to join my Wealthy Affiliate team?

Go To: MyWealthyAffiliateTeam.com

I am not charging any money to collaborate with me on this team. We can work together and learn how to build a successful community of sincere, authentic genuine people.

I don’t want you to “sell” me into any programs, and I do not want to “sell” you into any programs either.

I would like to connect and get to know each other, to see if we have some common interest that we can collaborate on for mutual success.

Let’s connect!

Basic Downline Builder Software to Grow Your Team

This downline builder software is not what you think.

It’s basic and simple.

The software I’m suggesting to build a team, is a WordPress website with a blog. Blogging has always been, a great way to attract people to your business opportunity.

The Internet is essentially words and links.

Granted, the Internet is complex. And as a result, most people over complicate the Internet. It’s about information and communication.

When you learn to use the right keywords to communicate, and share your opportunity, you will attract the people that you are looking for. People are constantly searching on the Internet for information to solve their problems or fulfill their desires.

Are use a WordPress website and do blog posting, just like the post you are reading right now.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform includes multiple WordPress, websites and tools for research and keywords and blogging strategies.

Go To: WealthyAffiliate.com (No Risk, No Credit Card Required)

If you have an interest in collaborating together to help each other grow our wealth you can join My Wealthy Affiliate Team (No Fee! It’s Free!)

Go Here: MyWealthyAffiliateTeam.com

Together We Accomplish More!

Building a Downline in MLM Network Marketing

Building a downline MLM Network Marketing team can be very frustrating, but it does not have to be a pain in the @$$.

Building a house, without tools would be frustrating.

Do you agree?

If you have the proper tools, building an active downline can be fairly easy.

One of the BEST TOOLS for finding leads online is have your own website, or multiple websites. A membership in Wealthy Affiliate includes multiple websites and the hosting is included as well.

SiteRubix is a place you can build a FREE website.

Also having a tool to find the keywords that are being search for your products and services will help you to get very highly targeted and qualified leads. Within Wealthy Affiliate there is a tool called Jaaxy and it is included in your Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

As always, if you have any questions, ideas, comments of suggestions you can contact me here. CONTACT

The Legendary Marketer Login is Saturated

No, I don’t think the Legendary Marketer Login is necessarily a SCAM. (But it is saturated) Create your own empire.

What is Legendary Marketer? Legendary Marketer is another Training Program claiming to have “the blueprint” to success.

It promotes “training” on how to become a Legendary Marketer.

Here is the problem.

It’s saturated.

Saturated with 1000s of wannabes promoting the same thing to the same people. They are promoting marketing training to other marketers to buy the marketing training that teaches marketers how to sell marketing training to other marketers. It a vicious circle of people competing for the same audience of wannabe millionaires.

I’ve bought into multiple programs like the Legendary model and I’m no longer a fan. (It is the owner of the program that makes the real money)

I’m also not a fan of the “high-ticket” hype method either. Granted, you can earn a high commission if you can convince someone to buy an expensive digital product that claims to be the blueprint to success. But that does not sit well with me. (It’s not the secret key. There is no blueprint method.)

What you DO need are the tools (software) and you need the time to practice and learn. You need to claim your “internet real estate” that you own. You need to find a product that is desired by a prospect. I call this perfect prospect to product alignment.

– Multiple Websites (hosting included)
– Keyword Research Tools
– Email Autoresponder
– Lead Capture Forms
– Landing Page Builder
– Linked Tracking
– A community to collaborate with

I want to help people (YOU) create their (YOUR) own platform and brand. I want to help you and work with you to build YOUR own thing.

You can join My Wealthy Affiliate Team and I’m not going to charge you a penny. No Fee! It’s Free!

GO TO –> MyWealthyAffiliateTeam.com

Let’s do this!

Together We Accomplish More!

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