Making Money with a Whiskey Club membership affiliate program!

You may already know, that there are many ways to make money on the Internet. Have you ever considered Marketing to an audience of addicts?

You could earn commission from promoting a whiskey club membership that will pay you monthly recurring commissions for the members that you sign up to the program.

These programs are available not only for whiskey lovers, but also for tequila lovers, beer lovers, vodka lovers and wine lovers.

Once you get them to join the club, they renew their membership month after month, and you earn recurring monthly income over and over again.

I have also thought about doing this for coffee lovers, but I think alcohol is much more addictive than coffee.

Is this moral and ethical? Well, that is up to you. I believe it is all a personal preference of whether you endorse promoting alcoholic beverages or caffeinated beverages.

some marketers believe, that someone is going to profit from these habits and addictions, so it might as well be me.

How can you learn more?

Go to the good old Google search engine, and look for Affiliate Programs whiskey lovers club.

Or if you want to talk with me, and we can brainstorm ideas. Let’s connect!

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