Yes, Real Estate Arbitrage is a thing right now.

People all over the country are coming up with creative ways to make money, and real estate arbitrage is one of these creative ideas.

So then, what is real estate arbitrage?

Real estate arbitrage is when a RE investor buys a property and then quick — sells the property for a bunch more than it was originally purchased. It is identifying a significant price difference in the marketplace and turning the arbitrage opportunity into cash.

Basically, learning to buy low and sell high.

Know if you can figure out some affiliate programs that are applicable to this, you can earn some money as well.

One idea that is a lot less risky than buying a real estate property, is promoting a software that a lot of real estate professionals use.

This software is called MailBoxPower, and I call it my magic marketing tool because of the features inside.


If you have any questions about this software platform, feel free to give me a call.

I think, of all Real Estate Mailers postcards are the most cost effective.

Yes, I have my reasons why I think of all the real estate mailers postcards are the BEST.

And here’s why…

#1 – There is no folding or stuffing of the envelope. There is no envelope.

#2 – Because there is no envelope, the message can be seen from multiple people. The post man sees it, the receptionist sees it, the mail room sees it, the recipient sees it, and even if it is thrown in the trash, the garbageman might see it.

#3 – A postcard is easy to retain. The recipient can pin it on a bulletin board, or use a magnet to stick it on the refrigerator. They can prop it up on their desk and deal with it later. A postcard is easy to handle and hold.

I  use a software platform called MailBoxPower, to send my direct mail Postcards.

I call this software platform my Magic Marketing Tool, because of the amazing features inside. There is a list builder to purchase mailing list by geographic and demographics.


Another feature, is the automation feature. You can send someone a form, that they fill out, and when they click submit it will automatically start a campaign and send the first item.

Another feature is the print merge feature that allows you to personalize multiple items. You could literally send out 100 items, and each item will have a content piece specific to each individual recipient.

I use postcards for my Synergy Affiliate Program, and members of the Synergy Collaborative, and to promote the Minnesota Event Expo.


If you have any questions or concerns, or ideas or suggestions, please contact me and let’s connect and brainstorm.

How a Real Estate Direct Mail Postcards software gets (and keep) MORE business referrals.

Staying top of mind is vital in business. Especially in these days of online activity. The use of real estate direct mail postcards is popular, but I think a lot of the agents are doing it incorrectly.

This is just my opinion.

Just mailing out a postcard, is not enough. There needs to be a series of mailings, and they can NOT be “salesy” or they will just be thrown in the trash.

Use fun graphics and be entertaining.

Also, doing these mailings consistently is also vital. However it can be time consuming, unless you know how to leverage automation.

I have a software called MailBoxPower, that I use a lot. I call it my Magic Marketing Tool, because of the features for purchasing super targeted lists, and the automation and print merge functions.


I also use this Platform and the United States Postal Service to send invitations for my Minnesota event planners expo coming in March.

If you are local to the Twin Cities, and want to learn more about Event Marketing, you can register to attend this event at

As usual, if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

Is Edina Realty of MN getting beat by EXP Realty?

Real estate has always been a popular industry. We all need a roof over our heads. But the business of being a real estate agent has got very competitive recently. A popular real estate business in Minneapolis where I live, is Edina Realty of MN but The Internet has popularized a company called EXP Realty.

Being totally open and transparent, I have not done a real lot of research into EXP realty, but from what I understand it is a little bit like Keller Williams in that it uses a tiered model.

I don’t think Edina Realty is going to get beat by EXP Realty anytime soon.

Since the Internet many business models have been replicated, copied, duplicated or simply stolen.

I’ve even heard that some real estate organizations are using a Multi Level Marketing model or MLM for short.

I will admit, I have attempted some MLM Companies, with no real success. Personally, I don’t think the MLM model is designed for the individual to succeed. It’s designed to retain.

The more modern middleman model is popularized by Amazon. And that is the affiliate marketing model where the individual is a middleman between the product or service and the prospective customer.

I prefer Affiliate Marketing, in fact I started my own Affiliate program called the Synergy and Affiliate program and use it to compensate the sales reps from the Minnesota Event Expo held in March here in Minneapolis.

Another marketing method I use is direct mail postcards. Are use a platform called MailBoxPower that uses the Internet and the United States Postal Service to send postcards, greeting cards and personalize gifts.

I called this my Magic Marketing Tool, because of the features that allow you to automate tasks.


This software platform is also used frequently by Real Estate Agents, because of the ease of use.

Below is a direct link to a detail page focus specifically for the real estate agent.

SEE MailBoxPower for RealEstate

If you have any questions about this software, feel free to contact me.


100% Open Rate on my Direct Mail Real Estate Strategy!

What are the open rates on your emails and your social media Engagement?

My direct mail real estate campaign gets 100% Open rates, because when people receive packages, they need to open them. It’s like a surprise birthday gift when they receive it, they need to open it.

I am using a platform called MailBoxPower for some of my real estate clients. I call it my Magic Marketing Tool, because I can automate tasks with the features in this software program. I am also able to implement a print merge function so that each piece I send can be personalized with the recipient.


If you are a real estate agent, you can learn more about how mailbox power specifically can be used for real estate businesses.

SEE MailBoxPower for Real Estate

List of Residential Property Management firms in the Twin Cities

Here is a list of the top 25 residential property management firms In the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

  • First Service Residential Minnesota
  • Associa Minnesota
  • Gasa Company Inc
  • Omega Property Management
  • Cities Management Inc.
  • Community Association Group Inc.
  • Steven Scott Management
  • Sharper Management
  • Dominium
  • Gaughan Companies
  • Minneapolis Public Housing Authority
  • Stewart Cole
  • Kleinman Realty
  • Hornig Companies
  • Halvorson and Blazer group
  • Goldmark Property Management
  • Premier Housing Management and Development
  • 33rd Co Inc
  • The Goodman Group
  • Shelter Corp.
  • Lang Nelson Associates
  • Mid Continent Management Corp.
  • CSM Corp.
  • Property Solutions and Services
  • Designs Brothers Management

I’m curious if these companies would be interested in using MailBoxPower. I called this software platform my Magic Marketing Tool, because of the automation feature and the print merge feature.


Hey! Why don’t you and I connect and do some brainstorming on how we can market and promote to these companies.