I am NOT a Network Marketing Pro like Eric

I am not even going to pretend to be a network marketing pro because I have a love-hate relationship with MLM.

What I love about the multi level marketing also called network marketing industry is the community of people seem to be very excited, passionate and have a positive Mindset.

What I hate about multi level marketing or network marketing is the pretentious attitude of success. The business model is usually flawed. There is not enough margin to make money on the product. And the majority of the organizations are focused on recruiting, recruiting, recruiting.

Ironically, the same thing that makes MLM work, is the same thing that makes it not work. And that is the multiple levels.

As soon as an organization gets past the second level, it begins to fall apart.

For this reason, I prefer the Affiliate Marketing Model where the focus is on the product, and once in a while you might recruit someone into the promotion of the product.

From what I have seen in comparison of affiliate marketing versus network marketing, as with affiliate marketing the passion is about the product, whereas multi level marketing and network marketing, the passion is about the money, money, money.

Also, in network marketing, it seems like there is never ending training and this is what keeps people in. They are constantly learning how to recruit. Recruit, recruit, recruit. The products are often times overpriced.

By the way, this is my personal opinion. I could be wrong, but I’ve never had much success myself with network marketing.

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