Are those psychic readings dependable for business advice?

If you are getting those psychic readings psychic readings for business advice, you might want to take some time and explore if you are desperate, or if you still have your sanity.

I am not saying that psychic readers are fraudulent, and I am not saying that they are honest and well intentioned either.

Granted, some of the success in business seems to be just about luck. We do not know how some things happen. We just need to keep on with our entrepreneurial spirit and keep trying.

Now if you decided to go the route of the psychic reader for business advice, you might be desperate. But then again, a third-party might have some great ideas for your business. Getting ideas from other points of view is always a good idea. Then you should have the discernment to understand if the ideas are intelligent, valid and smart for your business.

Or, perhaps if you are a religious person and believe in God, you could consult with God and bypass the middleman psychic reader and go directly to the source.

And then there is the hybrid version, and you could do both, or all three. Talk to God, consult with a psychic, and read some good business books.

As an entrepreneur, you should have the intelligence to use your discernment and experience to make good decisions as you move forward. However, like I said before, sometimes it might be good to get an opinion from someone outside of yourself.

Hey psychic reader, might use Taro cards, or tea leaves, or a pendulum, or a crystal ball. There are also astrologers, working with the zodiac and your horoscope.

And actually, in my opinion, some of this advice might be better than hiring a business coach. After all, a lot of these business coaches that you see on the Internet are actually more full of bullshit than the psychic readers.

My advice, is use your best judgment.

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