Who won vikings game? Does it really matter?

Why do people care who won vikings game and what difference does it really make?

I guess to a true football fan, they might be interested in what the Minnesota Vikings do during a football game. Myself I have never really been that interested in team sports. I actually prefer watching UFC.

With football, you’re sitting way up in the stands usually and the players are so far away, you can hardly see what is actually going on.

It’s also, very expensive to go to a game. Just parking your car it’s gonna cost you between $20 and $50.

A glass of sugar water with bubbles in it, or a beer is going to cost you three dollars to six dollars.

How do you make your money? Do you work a job that takes up most of your time?

Hopefully, you have some passive income so you can afford to take the time off to go to a Vikings game.


Is it illegal to take pictures of Vikings players off the Internet, and have them printed, and then give the pictures away to people?

I’m thinking there might be a way to capitalize on this Vikings team and their football game. If it’s so popular, why not make a few bucks off the fans?

I would just stay away from the NFL trademark.

As long as you are not selling these pictures, then you are not profiting from the picture. But you could use the picture to attract attention. It’s all over the Internet.

DISCLAIMER: I personally do not know anything about the legality of using images of football players. So whatever you do is at your own risk and your own responsibility.

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