The BIG question is, will NASCAR race today and the answer is obvious.

The fans of NASCAR do not need to ask the question, will NASCAR race today because they already know.

Personally, I am not a race fan, so I would have no idea if they are racing today or not.

My interest in NASCAR, is the passionate and enthusiastic people that are fanatics for the race seen.

As an entrepreneur, whenever I see a group of people that have a single focus on one topic, like racing or football or fishing or any topic, I see a possibility of earning income from that audience.

Call me capitalistic.

I have been using a software platform that uses the United States Postal Service to deliver postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts. I am going to do more research, and use my magic marketing tool to connect with NASCAR fans.


If you have any interest in earning a passive income through online marketing, let’s have a conversation and do some brainstorming. I am big about collaboration.



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