FACT: The wealthy affiliate is the one with the most free time!

If you are wondering what it takes to make the wealthy affiliate a wealthy affiliate, then I have the answer for you.

The person with the most free time is the person that is most wealthy.

You can have billions of dollars, but if you have no time to enjoy it, you are far from wealthy.

I remember a time when I was sitting in a coffee shop eavesdropping on this lady that was talking to the barista.

She was bragging about how her husband/boyfriend was so successful in his business.

I listen to this conversation for almost an hour. The entire time while these ladies were talking about how successful this gentleman was, he was on his phone busy making phone calls. He had no free time to even say hello to the barista or talk with his wife. He was busy, busy, busy.

That, to me, is not wealthy.

Unless of course you enjoy talking on the phone, then maybe this is the ideal business success for you.

Personally, I do not enjoy making phone calls and babysitting a bunch of employees or sales reps.

This is why I like investing in REITS, and posting online as an affiliate marketer.

Passive ongoing recurring income is the way to play.

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