Random act of Kindness

Could a random act of kindness be incentivized and help our community?

We have tried to incentivize connection, love, democracy, and peace in many different ways throughout history, either through reward or punishment. But in the long term, these incentives do not work.

The problem is within our “original operating software” which is 100% self-serving, self-justifying, egocentric and subjective. Knowingly or unknowingly our greatest incentive is to control others, overcome others, to prove that we are better, stronger, wealthier, and more powerful than others.

We define ourselves through comparing our own state, and prosperity to that of others and this self-justification at the expense of others is stronger than any other incentive we can offer. We are even ready to sacrifice our physical life to protect and elevate our self-esteem.

Thus no other incentive can work to make us truly love others – which means a totally selfless, unconditional service to others according to “Nature’s definition of love” – or to create lasting peace between diverse, constantly competing, warring selfish individuals or nations.

The only way we can achieve mutual love and peace is by understanding, feeling that those “others” are actually parts of ourselves, understanding and feeling that we are all but individual cells of the same living organism.

Through evolving in today’s globally integrated and interdependent world Nature is already pushing us in this direction, but our egocentric, subjective, individualistic mind still stubbornly resists.

This is why we need a unique, purposeful and highly practical educational method – based on Nature’s laws of integration – that can help us not only understand but also viscerally feel our total interdependence and Natural “oneness”.

This has nothing to do with any of our arbitrary ideologies, philosophies, religions or mysticism. This is not something easy like saying nice words and singing nice songs together while dreaming about a brave new world.

Achieving this state of “oneness”, sensing that we all belong to the same living organism, that those others are truly parts of myself is predetermined, obligated by Nature thus we can’t avoid it, ignore it. And it is the most difficult thing to achieve since we need to develop and behave totally against our original consciousness and perception.

This is why we need the above mentioned, unique and practical method to learn and practice how to actually “love others as we love ourselves” since those others are my real self!

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