Amazon 24 Hour Sale

Direct Mail Postcards

I use a piece of software, that allows me to send direct mail postcards for only $.44 per card.

Because the Amazon cookie only lasts for 24 hours, I’ve created a “24 Hour Sale” brand.

I schedule a specific date in the future for the 24 Hour Sale to occur.

I then send out a postcard announcing the date of the sale, with a QR code that directs them to Amazon. This QR code, is connected with my affiliate link, so that ANYTHING they purchase on Amazon within 24 hours I will earn a commission on.

All I need to do is match the product with the prospect. For example if I am targeting dog lovers, I can promote a dog product, and if this person is a habitual shopper, they will buy something dog related.

I hope you get the idea.

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AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: I need to let you know that there are affiliate links on this website, and if you click on that link and buy a product, I will earn a commission. This is the way that I make money on the Internet. Thank you very much for your support.

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