Are the Branson MO Dixie Stampede tickets worth the price?

It’s Dolly Parton’s stampede!

I was doing some keyword research, around Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs and up comes this event in Branson MO Dixie Stampede tickets.

The Internet seems to work in such mysterious ways. It’s almost like magic!

Why would the Internet and the search engines confuse the word Dixie with Dolly Parton?

It must be a pretty good show, if the search engines direct me to Dolly Parton, when I’m searching for Dixie. Obviously, she is popular and in demand. I have not seen the show, so I cannot judge whether it is worth the price. But I think Dolly Parton is a respectable human being.

Dolly Parton on Wikipedia 

Branson about one hour away from Eureka Springs Arkansas. The Intrigue Theater, is in Eureka Springs.


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