The concept of Collaboration and Cooperation are very different

I’m a big fan of collaboration because it works. There is even team collaboration software that can be implemented into a collaboration business to make things flow faster. Look around online and you will find group collaboration software too.

I’ve created my own Synergy Collaborative Membership.

Most web based collaboration software for project collaboration gets complicated and will actually slow down real time collaboration like a human does it. The online collaboration software is too “digital” in m opinion. So rather than use some sort of collaboration software I would suggest finding some online collaboration tools for you social collaboration and organization collaboration success.

My peer collaboration and corporation collaboration is done with my Synergy Collaborative membership website. Each member has a collaboration message and our unified collaboration platform accelerates our collaborating together and raises ranks by collaborating with others and we find a lot less collaborating in conflict management and more results in our online marketing.

Do you know how to pronounce collaborate and do you know the collaboration definition in business or could you uses collaborating in a sentence with synonyms colluded and a synonym cooperated as to cooperate opposite word rather than define join forces or working with data synonym to define cooperate and other collaboration examples for business growth time.

Some business owners do not even know how to pronounce collaborative or use a collaborative synonym to work together collaboratively in communicating meaning in their business. They spend more time avoiding definition and would rather compete that collaborate on a project which could be defined as longman collaboration or collaboration with no one.

I had a business partner that was so competitive that he manifested some health issues from the stress. He would even compete against me, his business partner so that he could get the sale. This did not work to either of our benefit when the sale did not happen. It was collaborate antonym of the cooperate longman and he ended up seeing a collaborating physician to help hime heal. It’s a word for the way you work and why is collaboration important to relive stress.

There is a difference in collaboration vs cooperation in my opinion.

In collaboration both parties are excited to be working towards a common goal. Where as, in cooperation, one of the partied is just going along with the idea and is not fully engaged.

The Synergy Collaborative is not a “cooperative”.

Do you now know how to pronounce collaboration the collaboration synonym and are you understanding the benefits of collaboration in business?


There is even a Book on Amazon about COLLABORATION

Here’s why i love collaboration personally.

When I find a new synergistic collaborative JV partner, I feel “born again”.

I feel like I’m living in a new space.


Like a collabornation if you will.

When you work in collaboration with team members you will find that progress accelerates and ideas manifest with ease and grace. This is why is collaboration important in education and why is collaboration important in science too!

Here are some examples of collaboration and teamwork in collaboration training exercises to build teams, develop talent & self improvement.

  • Learn how to improve collaboration skills
  • Experience how collaboration drives innovation
  • See ways of building a collaborative team environment


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