A candid look at Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing with MagicBrad

Let’s take a candid look at digital marketing vs traditional marketing and hash out the pros and cons.


First I have to start, traditional marketing is more in the physical world in my opinion. Such as direct mail postcards. A physical postcard can be retained and stuck on the refrigerator with a magnet.

Digital marketing, on the other hand is online, and can be lost very easily.

Granted, digital marketing is a little easier to measure, however I don’t know if I can trust the metrics on most of these platforms.


The reason I like mailing direct mail postcards through the United States Postal Service, is the longevity of a postcard is much longer than a email that gets lost in the inbox.

The MagicMarketingTool that I am referring to is called MailBoxPower and is an amazing platform that sends greeting cards, postcards and custom personalized gifts and treats.

We use this system with the Synergy collaborative, to promote our clients, customers and members.




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