Don’t confuse affiliate marketing with MLM, network marketing, or freelance digital marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most simple business models there is in existence. The model of affiliate marketing, is simply being the middleman between a product and a prospect.

Because the affiliate marketing model has become very popular since the inception of the Internet, there have become a lot of less than ethical people involved with Affiliate Marketing. Some of them are unethical in their practices. And this is resulting in some of the people on the Internet thinking that affiliate marketing is similar to a multi level marketing, also known as network marketing model.

If you are a savvy online marketer, you can become very successful and affiliate marketing. The reason is, there are plenty of products and services and are looking to get connected with prospective customers. You’re a job as an affiliate marketer, is simply to make that connection by using a unique identifier link.

this unique link tracks the conversions back to the affiliate, so they can be compensated with their commission.

An Affiliate Marketer, is simply a commissioned person that gets compensated for their efforts when a sale or transaction is made.

Do you synergy collaborative has its own affiliate program attached, for those of their want to earn commissions by promoting synergy collaborative benefits.

The Synergy Collaborative, My Synergy Cafe, Synergy Socials, and the Synergy Affiliate Program are all properties of Synergy Event Marketing that was developed by

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