Minneapolis #EventProf teaches how to sell on Amazon for the Event Planning Business


Are you interested in learning how to sell on Amazon for a side hustle business? This is how to sell on Amazon for fun and profit.

I’m sure you already know that Amazon is probably the worlds largest e-commerce platform online today.

Although there are ways to earn money with Amazon, the percentages for the commissions are actually quite small, so you will need a lot of volume to make any significant income from selling on Amazon.

The Amazon affiliate program, is called Amazon Associates, and you can join for free.

To find the Amazon Associates affiliate program, simply Google the keyword “Amazon Associates” and let’s Google do the work for you.

NOTE: My Synergy Affiliate Program is also free to join.

Once you get your Amazon Associates account, you will be able to get unique Affiliate links for all of the products on the Amazon platform. Then you only need to put those products in front of prospective buyers, and when they purchase a product, you earn a commission.

NOTE: The Amazon cookie duration is only a 24 hour window. I am making my Synergy Affiliate Program cookie duration for as long as I can. Perhaps for a lifetime.

By the way, my Synergy Affiliate Program is applicable for Exhibit Space sales in the Minnesota Event EXPO as well as Membership in the Synergy Collaborative Platform.

And, I will help you make sales. We can also utilize my Magic Marketing Tool to drive traffic for you.

SEE: MagicMarketingTool.com

SEE ALSO: SynergyCollaborative.com

By the way, if any of this is new to you, or are you just want help, please feel free to contact me and we can get on a zoom call, or if you live locally here in the Twin Cities, we can meet for coffee.


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