Mark Newsome AKA “Mr Marketing” shares a Marketing Strategy for Retailers

Retailers are suffering and spending too much money on advertising that does not work. Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazine are all pretty much a random roll of the dice.

“Mr Marketing” MARK NEWSOME of You Can Market Online Now

Mark has a very unique approach to marketing, in that he knows how to motivate and inspire people (employees) to take action and grow a network of motivated and incentivized influencers.

His masterful approach LINKS a variety of merchants together in a strategic way so as not to diffuse the flow of commerce. In fact, the flow is accelerated like a flywheel and builds upon each player and participant that is activly in the plan.

WHO is this strategy for???
Ideally, Marketing Managers (owners) of retail appliance stores, restaurants, jewelry stores, salons, valet services etc.


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