Money to be made with a Midwest Native Plants Garden in Affiliate Marketing

I live in Minneapolis Minnesota, and I have considered the hobby of growing a Midwest Native Plants Garden at my home here in Fridley.

Gardening can be very therapeutic, however being an entrepreneur, I am always looking at ways of making money.

So, what if I took up gardening, and positioned a live stream WebCam so people could watch me work in my garden.

Here is the idea!

I can create a website with gardening Affiliate and Offers on the website. People come to the website to watch the live stream of me gardening, and there are multiple products and services available on the webpage that our affiliate offers, so that I earn commissions, when people make purchases.

Brilliant right?

I have ideas like this all the time. How can I Monetize my Lifestyle. I even have a website named Synergy Lifestyle Academy, where I promote other people interested in lifestyle development.

Would you like to explore ideas and perhaps collaborate with me on ways of making money on the Internet?

Maybe you already have some success stories he would like to share with others. You can be a guest on my video talk show.

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