Do Event Planners know the Minnesota Vikings football schedule affects events?

Keep an eye on the Minnesota Vikings football schedule if you want your events to be successful.

Event planners need to be aware of other events like the football games and major concerts etc. that are happening in the downtown Minneapolis area. These events may have significant effect on your Events your Planning, Event if they are not football or concert related.

There are often business events that will affect other events sometimes positively and often negatively.

Who is a website that lists upcoming business events.

If you are in the event fine profession, be sure to mark your calendar for the

As an event planner, you may also be interested in technology and tools that can give you an advantage when Marketing your Events. One of the tools I use is called MailBoxPower and it is my MagicMarketingTool that many people are not using.

This tool called MailBoxPower, will allow you to leverage direct mail and the United States Postal Service with technology such as auto responders and print merge functions that allow you to personalize.


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