Making money simple like natural gardening for fun

Making money online can be as simple as natural gardening as a hobby. You can do it for fun… And profit.

Let’s keep this simple.

Gardening is as simple as planting seeds, nurturing plants, and harvesting fruit.

That’s very similar to making money. Planting seeds is like generating leads. Nurturing plants is like building relationships and trust. Harvesting the fruit is Cha-Ching, money in the bank.

In fact, with the affiliate marketing model, you could literally make money while you are gardening.

Here is an idea.

Let’s say you love gardening, but want to earn some money while doing it. What do you do, is set up a video camera that live streams or records you while you are gardening. If you want to, you can also answer questions from the viewers, or you can simply talk to yourself giving yourself tips and ideas about successful gardening, and the viewers will listen in.

In the background, have a sign made that has your website name on it.


Now, all you have to do is allow traffic to find your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TickTock etc.

On your website, you put offers of products and services. And you are a affiliate of these products and services. Google the key word “affiliate program gardening” and you will find multiple products and services that you can promote.

Granted, this is just a quick idea, but if you are serious about running passive income, let’s get on a call, and do some brainstorming to help you.


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