Random Acts of Kindness Quotes can Earn you Passion Income

Would you believe that random acts of kindness quotes can be monetized and begin to earn you passive income?

In these days of global connectivity, with the Internet, and multiple software platforms, you can very possibly create a platform that earns you income from simply promoting kindness.

One of the software platforms, is called MailBoxPower, where are you can send postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts through the United States Postal Service.

I call the software my magic marketing tool, because of the multiple features inside that automate and delegate activities.

SEE magicmarketingtool.com

Feel free to contact me, if you want to brainstorm and explore ways of using Postcards to promote.


Another way to create income through promoting kindness, is to create Events locally in your city, and invite other like-minded people to these events. You can then Promote multiple products and services during the event.

My background is in the Events and Entertainment and Business, and I produce a Tradeshow for the Event Planning Industry. I did this to generate leads for my magical entertainment business, and at the same time of getting highly qualified leads of event planners to book my magic shows, I was earning significant income by selling exhibit Space in the Tradeshow.

I also have a program available to you if you want to learn how to create a vendor fair.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: I need to let you know, that there are affiliate links on this website and on the Internet, that allow me to earn income. If you click these links, it is very possible  that I will earn a commission. This is how I make money on the Internet. Thank you for your support.

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