Why is Social Media in business dwindling?

Yes, it’s been on a decline.

The efficacy of social media in business has been dwindling significantly over the past months.

I believe this is because of the increase in use of video cameras in our society. Much of this is due to the political and societal disagreements here in the United States.

The crazy activities of protesters and righteous opinions has created a lot of controversial activity in our society.

Much of this is being documented on video and posted to social media. And a lot of this content is being maliciously edited to favor one side or another.

All of this fake news and staged activity has reduced the trust of the business community. It is hard to believe anything that is produced by the general public. They all seem to have personal agendas.

The social media platforms also have the power to censor or control (reduce or accelerate) the traffic flow.

This has made social media unpredictable and less desirable for the Online Marketer and Business Owner.

For this reason, I have turned towards direct mail and the United States Postal Service to deliver for my business and my clients and customers.

I am using a platform called MailBoxPower to help me deliver these products and services. I call it my Magic Marketing Tool because of the simplicity and efficiency it provides.

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Also, even though we are experienced this Covid pandemic thing, live in person events are still a thing. People are still needing to get together and socialize. Therefore I think event marketing is still effective. People meeting people face-to-face in person. This is why I use live events to generate leads for my customers.

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