The Paper Clip has been interesting. Here’s Why…

Strange? Maybe.

I have had an interest in the paper clip for sometime now. Perhaps it was back in the 90s, when it first started.

I used to have an office in the International Market Square building in Minneapolis Minnesota. I was in that office for a period of time in the 90s. I remember that I left in 1998.

I was studying a lot of law of attraction spirituality in those times, and for some reason the paper clip kept coming into my consciousness. I remember going outside for a walk seeing a paper clip on the sidewalk, as I bent to pick it up, I saw a big truck for office supplies that had multi-colorful paper clips printed all over the side.

For me, the meaning of a paperclip, was its simplicity, and the ability to make temporary connections. Also, you could link paper clips together making a more secure semi permanent connection.

Back in the 90s, is when I was in my prime in the event industry. The mission for my business was to create Platforms for Event Planners and Suppliers to meet, connect and do business.

My business back then, was called Magical Productions, and I had created an (informal) organization called the Event Planner Supplier Alliance. (EPSA)

My signature event was the Minnesota Event Expo (Formerly known as The Great Minnesota Event Show)


Back in the 90s, I was much more of a mover and shaker and I did more hustling to get business. These days, in my 60s I have a more relaxed and strategic way of making a living.

I still produce the Minnesota Event EXPO, even though the Covid situation has made it difficult in the past years.

However, my mission is still very similar.

I provide platforms for people to meet, connect and prosper.

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