The Quantum Leap from 2020 to the New 2021 and Beyond

In early 2020, the experiential marketing industry was out in full force, with an increasing number of marketers incorporating activities, gamification, and other experiential tactics into their face-to-face arsenals.

My primary business was Events, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism.

But when COVID-19 caused the cancellation of countless live events, it also put the brakes on experiences as we knew them. With the rise of virtual events and digital trade shows, however, the idea of experiential marketing is evolving, and countless vendors have developed virtual iterations of experiences that were once relegated to in-person-only events.

I’ve create the Synergy Collaborative to offer up three unique virtual experiences you can adopt and adapt for use in your virtual exhibits and events. You will learn how each infuses a digital engagement with live elements that better approximate an in-person experience, and how you may be able to utilize these and other offerings to connect with clients, foster better relationships with prospects, and make your next digital event or online exhibit stand out from a sea of comparably staid competitors.


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