In all of your town Country Club MN is the best for Event Planners

I admit…

Your Town Country Club MN does not make sense as a sentence. But I will admit here now, I did this for the keywords.

For some reason, the word “country club” is getting a lot of attention in Minnesota.

And I also know that country clubs are great venues for events. When I was full-time as an entertainer (Magician) I did a lot of private parties at country clubs.

And now that I think about it, we actually did one of our expos at the Golden Valley Country Club. So country clubs are indeed great event venues.


Aside from the live in person Events and Expos, I have also created a ongoing online marketing campaign for members of the Synergy Collaborative to participate in the expo and ongoing digital marketing online.


And hey! If you want to learn about many of the other ventures I have going, you can visit


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